Sunday, March 22, 2015


The Crowning Glory of the rising Sun makes my eyes happy. The early morning orchestra of assorted birds' chirping makes my ears happy. The king of fruits, Mango makes my tongue heavenly happy. The Jasmine-perfume makes my nose happy and touching the cool dew on fresh flowers make my finger-tips happy.  

I return home, all tired, hungry and sweating from the suffocating, crowded train-journey, everything seems dark, futile and useless. At that crushing moment, the one and only eager, expectant, welcoming face of my mother makes me Happy, Happier ... Happiest of all. 

Childhood is the most happiest of all. We are happy cause we are pampered by the parents at home and by teachers at school. We are happy because we play a lot and study a little. We are sheltered, we are cared, we are loved by our  relatives as well as by the neighbors. Everybody loves Children and children respond to that love abundantly. Love makes us all happy. So Childhood = Happiness  

Generally children are happy, but I was happy only when I was with my family or with my close friends. I loved to be either with my mother, sisters, aunt, uncle or with my favorite teacher. The funny thing was I wanted my mother to be always with me, even in school. As soon as mother dropped me at school and turned about to return home, I would cry foul. How could my mother leave me alone?. The only thing that pacified me to stay put at school was Cream crackers ( Chocolate flavor ). My mother packed my lunch-box with Bhaji-Chapati and a tiny packet of Cream-crackers. Even today, I love to munch on it. 

I grew up and joined college, where chatting, hanging out with friends made me excited. I liked my friends' company as well as reading Sidney Sheldon's novels made me immensely happy. I crave for luxury and still the simple things such as freshly made Ginger tea with potato chips make me gourmet-happy.

Mall-hopping, Window-shopping for dresses, bags, shoes and wrist-watches make me sight-happy. That means just the sight of those cute, costly luxuries make me happy and inspires me to work harder, to earn more. 

My nephew Aamen and niece Aditi make me refreshingly happy with their bright smiles, foolish pranks, silly jokes and warm hugs. 

My diary, with it's myriad content about my school, college, office and random memories make me nostalgically happy. I love to write about anything under the Sun, over the Earth and in between the lines. The brand new pages of diary make me happy with the numerous possibilities of subjects to be written in it. 

"Happiness is doing things for others, without an iota of selfishness, gaining satisfaction from others' happiness", which my mother practiced but never preached. Someday I wish to follow her path. Amen! 


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  4. Avery nice list of things which make you happy.I doubt if i could have expressed my thoughts so eloquently :)

    1. Dear Indu , Welcome to Spirit of Mumbai. Thank you so much for sharing my happiness.

  5. happiness is a fleeting thing with most of the people these day....probably because they raise the expectation bar way too high and turn a blind eye to the everyday beauty of life. Children teach us a kids teach me to stay happy....a good post sujata.....

  6. Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.