Saturday, March 21, 2015

7Star MotoE

Moto E ... Moto E ...Moto E ...screamed the newspapers , TVs, radios and even my 13 year old nephew Aamen, plus my 39 year old Electronics-Engineer brother , when I was searching for a latest, high-tech smart phone to buy. I was doing my own R and D about Moto E with friend, philosopher, guide, the omniscient Google. Lo and behold ... the verdict was unanimous ...Moto E ... Go ... Get it. 

May I confess?. My final decision was based on the elegant, aerodynamic looks of the ritzy Moto-E. After all this hoopla , I am sure all of you are eager to have a look at my snazzy Moto-E, which I purchased on March 18, 2015 from Flipkart .As usual Flipkart's delivery was prompt and perfect.

Well, we the ladies have oodles of 6th sense and we do use it ostentatiously. 
I wanted to buy a smart phone, and my first choice was Nokia. As an Indian , I am a brand loyalist, whether it's Colgate, Godrej, Surf, Vico or Parle-G, I buy whatever my parents have bought. 

I have used 2 Nokia handsets, 1st from the year 2003 to year 2009 , and 2nd from the year 2009 to till date. They both are still in fine mint working condition. Don't believe me ? Have a look at my loyal companions ... 

But, now both my Nokia handsets have become obsolete. I can not click sharp pictures. They don't have high-tech micro-processors, modern operating systems, large storage capacity, big TFT LCD Touchscreens and WiFi en-ability etc. 

My new Moto-E ( 2nd Gen ) 3G ,possesses all the above features , plus much more. So I #ChooseToStart with the new Moto-E. The most important features of my elegant Moto-E ( 2nd Gen ) 3G are : Android v5.0 ( Lollipop ) Operating system, 5 MP Primary Camera , 0.3 MP Secondary Camera, 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor, Dual SIM ( GSM + UMTS ), Expandable Storage capacity of 32 GB, 4.5-inch TFT LCD Touchscreen, a long-lasting battery,  and the price is so reasonable. I can not believe that I got so much more by paying so less.

My first smart phone, My Moto-E won my heart's approval with it's glitzy, white elegant looks. Next I started browsing through the manual which won my brain's approval with it's fantastic features. Moto-E's key-features are more luxurious than Five Stars ... My Moto-E dazzles with 7 Stars  : 

1st * : Moto-E has 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and advanced graphics. It switches smoothly between different application. We can listen to music and browse the web simultaneously. It is future-ready with 1 GB - RAM.

2nd * : Moto-E has 2390 mAh battery which lasts all day , we don't need to recharge it again and again. 

3rd * : Moto-E has Android Lollipop operating system, which offers the best Android experience. 

4th * : Moto-E shoots beautiful pictures and videos with the 5 MP primary camera. The front camera is superb for selfies and video chatting. It has 4x Digital zoom. 

5th * : Moto-E has adorable curves, which are comfortable to handle. The speaker gives melodious music experience. The waterproof coating and Corning Gorilla glass protects my phone effortlessly. The anti-smudge coating keeps the fingerprints away.

6th * : Moto-E has advanced Internet connectivity with Pre-installed Browser Android, v4 Bluetooth, Navigation technology of GLONASS, BeiDou with Google maps, Wifi, Micro USB and 3G. 

7th * : Moto-E has various useful apps such as Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Google Chrome, Motorola Assist, Motorola Migrate, Moto assist.

So How do you like my 7 Star-studded Moto-E ? Grand enough to go for it, order it right now from flipkart. Well, you can always drop in at home to have a look and drool over it with Aam-Panhe. It's quite a cool Deal.

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