Wednesday, January 25, 2017

AXILSPOT Wireless Bridge

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Escalate Your Wireless Backhaul Performance To a New Level With AXILSPOT’s AIP5 Wireless Bridge

 The new AIP5 11AC wireless bridge is customised for optimum performance in harsh outdoor conditions and comes as a perfect solution for ISPs to quickly scale up broadband backhaul ~

  AXILSPOTFurther expanding its portfolio of cutting edge enterprise wireless solutions, AXILSPOT, the industry leader in enterprise WLAN solutions has rolled out its AIP5 11AC wireless bridge solution tailored to operate in adverse climatic conditions.

AIP5 11AC is an exemplary solution for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to amplify broadband backhaul as well as furnish wireless service in areas where fixed line resources are scarce.

The service providers can gain a competitive edge by offering best in class wireless backhaul performance at ranges extending to up to more than 10 kilometres.
The AIP5 features a pole-mount shape for hassle free installation and maintenance and operates at 5GHz frequency. The industry leading RF technology embedded in the solution also offers 900 Mbps RF capacity. It also incorporates 2 GE ports with the main port supporting 24V Passive POE while the sub port is capable of powering other devices.

The AIP5 comes as a perfect solution for schools, factories, warehouses and other enterprise environments where extension of network is critical across remote structures and where Ethernet line connectivity is not possible.

To further facilitate the installation of the solution, AXILSPOT has a local office in India and operations with local sales, support team along with a PAN India distribution network across the country which is expanding fast. 

Salient Features of AIP5:

High Capacity RF Performance:
The 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi coupled with Gigabit Ethernet enables fast data forwarding without any congestion making it ideal for a high-bandwidth hungry scenario.
The Proprietary TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology also enhances throughput and reduces latency, concluding in higher network capacity as well as stability.

Perfect for outdoor Harsh Environments:AIP5 is designed to be rugged as well as cater to the requirements of industrial applications like Enterprise, Hub, Mining, school and construction. It leverages industrial grade components as well as waterproof/ dustproof housing design for a consistent performance in extreme outdoor conditions. Its hardware structure ensures safety of components from static electricity and lightning.

Convenient Deployment:
The power module incorporated in the solution enables remote device reset, for an easy and flexible installation.

Centralized Management:
A unified management podium manages all wireless outdoor CPE and station series products, shrinking the workload of maintaining and managing large scale deployments.

Other key features of the AIP5 solution include:·         
  • Furnishes a continual coverage,  ranges from 10~20km
  • Best for uninterrupted ptp / ptmp link
  • Best for WISP solution providers
  • Eliminate interference by using 802.11ac 900 mbps 5GHz link


AXILSPOT is a new force to reckon in the global Enterprise WLAN industry with the core intellectual property rights. AXILSPOT delivers Global Quality Products with superior innovative solutions to the most critical issues we are facing today in wireless networks: how to create affordable reliability and how to overcome dramatically increasing connected needs all over the world.

AXILSPOT is dedicated to provide the most consistent and highest-speed wireless coverage and transmission solution(s) – anywhere, everywhere, all the time.

The company’s solutions can be widely implemented in Large Corporate Enterprises, Government, Education, Hospitality, Transportation, Manufacture, Financial, Healthcare and SMEs among other critical industry verticals.

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