Monday, November 28, 2016

#MannKiBaat at Marve Manori

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Are you Mad for Donuts ?. Well, I am not, but my nephew Aarav is, so he went ahead and had few of his favorites from MOD. I may not like to eat donuts, but loved clicking the designer donuts at InOrbit Mall , Malad. I and cousin, Chitra indulged in #MannKiBaat (chatted continuously ) relishing crispy Sada dosa, Rava dosa, accompanied by steaming hot, filter coffee from Dosa Plaza.

It was one of those Super Saturdays, when Chitra called out of blue and ordered me to wait at our society's gate. I never order anyone around, and hate to be ordered around from anyone else. Chitra being a younger cousin , I pardoned her just once. Point to be noted my lord. Chitra said, she will pick me up for a chatting session ( #MannKiBaat ) at InOrbit Mall, Malad. We invested some quality time in silky shopping at FabIndia. At the cash counter, Chitra gave first surprise of the day by gifting me the classy, Block-printed silk dupatta. This turned out to be the 1st , in the series of many more surprises of that day, 8th November 2016.

Shopping done, we refreshed ourselves with cool cones of Coffee Almond , Mango & Litchi at Natural's Ice cream parlor. Aarav compromised on a meal with Subway sandwich. The photo is hazy , not tempting enough, so I am excusing you all with that. Please forgive me this once.

Once our craving were satiated to the core of ice cream cones, Chitra suggested that we should make a short trip to Marve. Manori or Aksa. Aarav and I , both were absolutely blown over by her surprising suggestion. That was the 2nd Surprise of the day. We hopped into an auto rickshaw, excitedly discussing our next destination. We both were keen on a boat-ride , so finalized on Marve. Our hired auto reached Manori. We were eager to take darshan of Jaltapaswi Gagangiri Maharaj Ashram, but it was too late.  We clicked a few photos of sensational sunset at Manori beach.

The 3rd surprise is at the end of this blog-post and I request you not to jump at the end but please go with the flow. The world famous Global Vipassana Pagoda ( aka Golden Pagoda of Gorai ) , was visible from this beach but light was not cooperative enough to capture it's glorious beauty

Mumbaikars were as usual busy at the chaat-carts, tasting Paani Puri , Sev Puri , Bhel Puri, Ragda pattice, Bhutta , Kairi , Imli, Chania Mania Ber and Cool kulfis were selling like Hot Cakes. Yes, please don't miss the contrast in expression.

I wish we had, but No, we did not have even tiniest space in our Dosa / Coffee / Ice cream stuffed tummies to try any of these chatpataa chaats.  We strolled a bit , breathed in the cool breeze and then boarded a boat for a short ride from Manori to Marve . 

Once we got down from the boat, we walked a short distance through Marve gaothan to reach the beach. The road was actually a sandy pathway, with native's cottages dotting the sides. The small Mother Mary-shrines illuminated the winding pathway towards beach. 

Can you make the wildest guess ?. The last and the most important surprise, we received that day ? It was a through a SMS to Chitra the journalist . Many of my smart friends would have already guessed it from the title of this post.



Ghazala said...

Nice post and delicious donuts :-)

Fly With Shaunak said...

Very nice photos, I stayed in Mumbai but don't know how I never went here in 12 years :)


Thanks Ghazala. This post was long pending. Yes, Donuts must be delicious, going by Aarav's smiling face. I just forgot to click him.


Hey Shaunak , Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. The credit of Nice photos goes to my professors, Mr. Sudharak Olwe, Ms. Lyla Bawadam , Mr. Shrish Barodia, Ms. Lalita Shringarpure, my father & my nephew who taught me a lot. Once you return to Mumbai, you must visit Marve , Manori, Aksa beaches and Aarey.

Unknown said...

Nice photos ... what makes Mumbai, The Mumbai is it's vibrant culture, places, and people :)


Hey Curious Eagle, welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. You said it. Mumbai = Mumbaikars with their always on the GO , Inspiring Spirit.

Marg said...

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tanuja said...
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