Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Delectable Desire Cafe Istaa

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'Alchemist' is my all time favorite book and the quote 'When you desire something with all your heart , all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it', has been my lodestar since then.

Come, join me to fulfill the Delectable Desire at cafe Istaa

Spicy Garlic Bread : Crispy  toasts topped with melted cheese, spicy red sauce, Oregano and chili flakes. #CafeIstaa

                                                         Paneer Tikka Sandwich : Bread slices stuffed and grilled with Paneer cubes, marinated in traditional tandoor sauce 

I had seen a few pics of Cafe Istaa , and was eager to check it out with my own eyes , I mean with my own camera. I did succeed in capturing the essence of Cafe Istaa ( 'Istaa' is an Italicized version of Sanskrit -Ishta meaning Desirable , Favored , Adored Excellence ) but alas! I can not boast of those eye-candy frames cause I lost my prized-camera , the same day , before I could upload those lovely pics on my laptop. How ? Where ? When ?.  I will write a detail blog-post about it some day, when I recover from the shock.

How to find Cafe Istaa in Sion ? Very easy. It's near Sion Station, very near the famed GuruKripa and bang opposite SIES college. Naturally the majority occupants are college-students having FUNtastic time. And No , they are not splurging their parents' money here. Surprisingly nobody splurges at Cafe Istaa cause it's impossible. I was bowled over by the Victorian Era prices of all preps ( Sweets as well as Savories ). Take for example,  above Mock tail : Oreo Treat. Just one sip, and you are transported to the heaven. I exclaimed, How sinful! must cost a BOMB ?. Can you believe? It's just for INR 100. I checked the prices of all mock tails. 

Mocha Frappicano , Choco-Loco , Virgin Pina colada , Fruit Punch , Twisty Tangy , Spicy Guava , Mojito, Kiwi Aid , Fizz Blue , Apple Mint Splash. All cost INR 100?. Mr. Alok Babu has simple enough explanation. " Word of Mouth Publicity, fetches quality crowd, which in itself evens out the cost. We are gaining much more than profit, that is Goodwill with customers' Happiness." If only all the businessmen cared for us like Mr. Alok of Cafe Istaa.



                       Cappuccino espresso with a smooth topping of milk foam #CafeIstaa 


  Salsa Rosa #cafeistaa combination of red sauce and white sauce to create lovely pink 


Pizza Fries : Combination of golden brown fries with herbs , pizza sauce , and melted cheese


Alfredo : Pasta in creamy cheese sauce with sprinkle of basil , tomato sauce flavored in roasted garlic and pepper.

Arabiatta : Pasta sauced in rich tomato and fresh basil sauce with Italian herbs and spices 


                                                                              Chocolate truffle

                                                                             Red velvet cake

  Waffles with ice cream, garnished with chocolate syrup 

                                                                      Garlic bread with cheese

     Basil pasta 

                                                                             Broccoli soup

                              French Fries - golden on the outside , soft and fluffy inside, served with Mayo dip 

                                                                    Mack & Cheese Pizza

Picture Courtesy : Sarada Sridhar / Cafe Istaa                  


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the article...savoury food..lovely ambience...great service...variety in drinks n food items to spoil you

Unknown said...

Yummy ! Such amazing food and I totally love the way you started the post.


Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai' . Cafe Istaa is such a Heaven , I wish I stay near Sion , to visit it often.


Hi Ashween. If you stay in Mumbai, you must visit Cafe Istaa with your family and friends ASAP, cause after reading this post , it going to be mobbed. Happy Eating. And Yes , Alchemist is my all time favorite. Thanks for the appreciation .

Sabyasachi Patra said...

Love the garlic breads. Mouth watering.


Really , the garlic breads were finished off within minutes of clicking pics. Sabyasachi , can you imagine , how much painful it was to control the urge of tasting that wonderful prep?