Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cafe Mangii Once More

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Some scenic-unique places, some time call for Encore, i.e. Once More. Cafe Mangii is one of those rare cafes, we craved for once more. It's situated on the picturesque Lake Boulevard road, Powai. This side-angle shot will give an idea, how spacious and plush Cafe Magii is!

We had been at Cafe Mangii ,three weeks ago and had to wrap up early as we had another appointment. Even in that short span of time , I managed to click lots of pics and tasted few preps, that whetted my appetite for some more of Cafe Mangii. How ?

 Please read the earlier blog-post here  ( I hope , you will love this visual treat ) 

" Dil Maange More ... of Cafe Mangii " cause, we had another lifestyle event to attend on the same day within half an hour. We hardly had any time left after clicking pics of Cafe Mangii ( Powai ) to taste the famous Continental , Italian cuisine.

And the splendidly hospitable staff especially the manager, Mr. Siarj Shaikh and the chef Mr. Ganesh Gaonkar of Cafe Mangii, would not allow us to leave without tasting a few preps. It was such an exciting fun clicking pics, chatting with the manager, all the while sipping the creamy Cappuccino alternating with munching on French Fries

Here's the Earthen hued, Natural-feel decor pics of Cafe Mangii


I will be writing a detail blog-post about Cafe Mangii ( Powai ) after reviewing it's perfect Pizza ( featured in Gourmet Pizza collection ) , Pasta and desserts ( much appreciated Chocolate fondue ) .

We started and finished off with freshly pressed Orange juice (without any preservatives, not even sugar ), frothy, foamy, milky Cappuccino in a mod-art mug. I loved the diluted Indian version. Crispy, juicy French fries and Potage Parmentier soup ( Creamy leek and potato soup  garnished with crispy, roasted Spinach ) 

We had clicked many many pretty pics of Cafe Mangii on our last visit, so this time we went easy on that front. We chatted with the chef Mr. Ganesh Gaonkar and manager Mr. Siraj Shaikh. Cafe Mangii's  hospitality was much friendly this time as we had acquainted ourselves well in the previous meeting.  We settled down and browsed the extensive menu leisurely. Look at those artistic menu-boards. We just could not get enough of them, like children toying with wooden slates.

We reviewed almost all mock tails and coolers on the Cafe Mangii menu and then zeroed in on Strawberry & Guava Cooler , Pina colada ( pineapple juice + coconut cream , garnished with caramelized pineapple wedge ) with ice cream. Believe me I was so enchanted with this pina colada , that I was sipping it through out the two hours we were there, simultaneously tasting other sweet , savory preps.

Last time , we had tasted and liked the Potage Parmentier soup, so the manager suggested that, this time we try "All New Mangiical Menu" , the fresh, summer inspired menu of Cafe Mangii. We were served the smoky flavored Roasted Red Pepper soup with garlic smeared Toast. 


We requested the chef to serve us just the samples, the tiniest portions of food , so that we can just take a bite and need not waste the food. Accordingly we received the assorted platter of Appetizers : Baked Jalapeno Molten ( Sliced jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and salsa verde plus sweet paprika seasoning. Garlic dipping sauce added more flavor to it.  Gorged Mushrooms ( fritters of mushrooms stuffed with herbed-cream and parmesan, smudged with barbeque sauce ). Crostini Polenta ( Grilled polenta and Parmesan cakes topped with pepperonata and chive aioli )

Verdure Pizza ( Three Peppers, Caramelized Onions, Zucchini, Sun-Dried Tomatoes , eggplant )  Believe me, it was tough to click pics of this pizza, I was eager to eat it as soon as I saw my favorite toppings of crispy, steamy vegetables crowning this thin crust pizza. I wish I had not eaten anything for breakfast and could finish one more triangle. Ummm... yeah... that good!

Sweet Corn potato Rosti with spicy grilled tomato accompanied by garlic chips.

Velvet Brick Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream
The cheerful looking dessert,  very sweet red velvet Brownie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and decorated with a tuile. The texture and taste was more like a waffle than a brownie, so I finished off the ice-cream while Geeta did justice to the brick brownie 


Kalpana said...

Looks like a very attractive place!


Hey Kalpanaa. The Looks , the locations ( Lake Boulevard road , Powai ), the ambiance , the staff, the cook and his creations all are utterly attractive at the Cafe Mangii.

Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

Nice place, got interest to visit this place after seeing the beautiful pics and reading about it.


Very Interesting. I liked the positive vibe and the diners were enjoying their meals, which is a definite plus for all. Thanks for the appreciation, Jyotirmoy.

Sims said...

Oh how I missed this place during my last visit in spite of having reservation cancelled in the last minute.

rupam sarma said...

Great place, Thanks for the post .

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Hi Rupam, Cafe Mangii is great. In monsoon it will be much more charming, sipping the steaming Tea/ Coffee / cocktail, enjoying the lake view.

ekta khetan said...

My fav place :)


Oh Yeah Ekta, Cafe Mangii must be your fav place. Vadde log , Vadda choice.


No Worries Sims. Next time, when you visit Mumbai, I am sure you will enjoy the Monsoon-Special menu of Cafe Mangii.