Saturday, September 27, 2014

CelebrateBlogging with #SMWMumbai

                            TrendSetting #SMWMumbai 

             I was gearing up full throttle for #SMWMumbai, by participating in Social Media Week Mumbai Facebook contest. And as you can guess by my previous blog-posts Special @Social  ... I won that.

   Now , you must be wondering , why I was so eager to attend #SMWMumbai ?
           What's all this hullabaloo about? ...

             Social Media Week is a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. The mission is to help people and organizations connect through collaboration, learning and the sharing of ideas and information.
              SMW was held simultaneously in 11 most happening cities of the World. The cities were Berlin, Chicago, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Mumbai, Rome, Rotterdam, Sao Paolo and Sydney
       The city theme for SMW Mumbai 2014 was " Social Media For Social Change "
                                  The focus for SMW Mumbai 2014 :
        Social StageTracks covering social media’s impact on social change. (politics, public accountability, urban development projects, CSR projects, social entrepreneurship impact).
         Pioneers stageTracks focusing on trends and opportunities in social media technologies, agency initiatives, corporate directions, internet of things, connected economy, big data ,analytic, security, privacy of social data
          Social horizontal in vertical growth: Social media application in verticals specific businesses : Healthcare, e-commerce, retail, fashion, gaming, music sharing, media, marketing agencies, sports, entertainment, education, lifestyle businesses, fund raising, the world of community economy.

           Startup StageTracks focusing on showcasing startups and entrepreneurship opportunities powered from and on social media.
           The  Event Formats were : Class, Demo, Google Hangout, Keynote, 
Multi-format, Networking Mixer, Panel Presentation, Showcase and Workshops

           Social Media Week-Mumbai gave the perfect exposure for learning, sharing and collaborating ideas and  knowledge from professionals and experts from various fields.

 So, How was the scene at the venue Novotel, Juhu Beach, Mumbai for #SMWMumbai ? 

               The most magnificent Flower-full welcome for #SMWMumbai-delegates

                   The mission, "Trend #SMWMumbai" has been in progress since few months. It succeeded, bang on as #SMWMumbai stood 1st among the 11 Worldwide cities including Berlin, Chicago, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Rome, Rotterdam, Sao Paolo, Sydney where #SMW14 -SocialMediaWeek was held.
                    The Twitteratis were the real super-stars of #SMWMumbai. They made it trend with passion and back-breaking hard-work on the very 1st day , 1st show with elan. 

                      Germin8, a Big Data analytic company focused on helping understand and act in real time on the gazillions of conversations by the stakeholders, was Social Media Partner of #SMWMumbai

Oh ... Yes. It's me at the l.h.s. down-corner among the top 15 Twitteratis  Roshan Gupta , Nikhil MakwanaNitesh Mishra , Amit Panchal , Manish PandeJeevan Kesavan , Kavita Parmar , Jigar Gogri , Tejas Jinaral , Arun Yedery , Zayne and Sujata Tawde who created Big Buzz at #SMWMumbai .

The Novotel , Juhu beach's star-studded set up, dazzled the audience with it's spectacular grandeur and brilliant sessions choc-a-block with luminaries from numerous Social Media-fields.

Yellow Seed , the Official Content Partner of #SMWMumbai organized an unique, impromptu Speed Blogging contest , which made the participants go crazy at the keyboards with high adrenalin rush.

The most applauded session was, The key-note by Rohit Varma-Co-Founder and Managing Partner of R Square Consulting 

The various sessions conducted on 1st day :

 1. How Social Media is changing India ? 
2. Winners have product strategy, losers have social media strategy.
 3. Are brands effectively using social media? Are they too focused on volume instead of value? 
4. How social media converts us an inspires us.
 5. New age flight club, Social media, Disruption and Viral.
 6. Tell me a story 
7. True Wandered
 8. Common 2 Uncommon
 9. The future of now : connecting the dots between the virtual and real worlds
 10. Has social media changed the face of political campaigning- US vs India scenario .

My Goal :Gaining the Gyaan, achieved 100%. So what if my stomach was burning with severe acidity! It's not everyday that you can survive on snacks for Pure Passion of Social Media .

 It was time to head home. The swaying palms at Juhu Beach bade us, "See you soon at the 2nd Day of #SMWMumbai  ".

The Twitter Analytic photo is shared from the Facebook wall of Germin8 

                       This post is written as a part of #CelebrateBlogging activity with BlogAdda 

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