Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mahesh Bhatt @Bombay Stock Exchange

Thanks a zillion , Hindustan Times , for giving me the opportunity  to attend the interactive session with Mahesh Bhatt and Stuart Sender ' How Cinema influences Culture and marketing " , held at the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Mr. Stuart Sender, renowned Oscar-nominated Hollywood filmmaker and journalist won audience's united approval with his unique observations such as ' The BSE transactions influence the marketing of cinema ' , ' Whatever happens in India , happens on large scale  so makes big impact on the whole world' , 'Today's generation wants instant gratification as they are used to it on Social Media ' , ' Indian mythology has great heroes like Krishna , Arjuna , Rama inspire the Bollywood cinema ,while Hollywood had to create theirs fictionally ' .

Mr. Mahesh Bhatt , aka Alia's Daddy , advocated the Demand and Supply of his erotic films eg. Murder1-2-3 , Jism1-2-3 , Raaz1-2-3 , Woh Lamhen with , " I have to run a shop . I have to make movies which people pay to see. Pleasure seeking is be-all and end-all in today's times. I am catering to the 18-35 audience , which want erotica. Earlier cinema used to reveal the truth , now cinema hides the truth " . He summarized his reason of producing Murder , Jism , Raaz , Jism sequels with " You don't purchase tickets of City lights but of erotic movies and make them hit" .  The audience , which comprised mostly of college students gave thunderous applause to Mr. Bhatt's hard-hitting statements.


  1. So poor Mahesh Bhatt is now known as Alia's daddy.
    Nice that this man is pioneering a concept with courage and making money in the process too.

  2. The hostess Ms. Nupur Desai , declared that the audience ( almost 80% full of college students - IAA- Young Turks ) were eager to know , whether Alia will be gracing the dais?. Right said , Mr. BHatt , must be below Poverty line , cause he wears the uniform Black shirt and Blue jeans on all occasions and the way he emphasized his need to churn out one Jism / Muirder / Raaz after the other.

  3. Hey Sujata, Thanks for all the likes to my blogs. :) it feels nice to be appreciated by a fellow blogger. This title of yours compelled my attention to the blog. Mahesh Bhatt is a very forthright person and not a hypocrite like most of us are, in India. he speaks his mind not bothering if people will like it or not.

  4. Good Norning Samu . I voted for your blog ,as I liked the subjects as well as the content.

  5. I infact like the way Mahesh Bhatt emphatically uses his articulate diction to convey even the most irrelevant of things. How did you get invited Sujata. I am curious.

    1. Hi Nozzer ,
      I liked Mahesh Sir's earlier films. May be because , I have not seen the later films , after Gangster . Exactly , Mahesh Sir is such a master craftsman when it comes to forming his thoughts. You may not agree with his thinking , but can not disagree with his arguments . I was invited by Hindustan Times as I used to write a lot for them since 2006.

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