Friday, July 25, 2014


5 Black Dreams ... to live 4

I live for my dreams, which are fluorescent and boast of Black theme.
Black is Absolutely Fabulous to flaunt in whichever style you wish to dazzle.
Black is commonly associated with Magic, Power, Secret, Elegance and Authority , all of which I am passionate about . 
Dare to differ about my Black-buttering ? Then please take a look ...

1. Black Judith Leiber clutch :

 Just the very name Judith Leiber spells class, elegance and Exorbitance. Her clutches are heirlooms , to be passed on from one generation to the next. The designer-clutches are so uniquely magnificent that they should  be kept in show-cases for the guests to applaud for. I wish for this Black Cat-clutch for it's aloof preciousness and Dark fantasy.

2. Black Swarovski Bracelet :

The talent, the skill, the craft that assembled this top notch Black Bracelet is worth zillion dollars. Each and every Swarovski jewel is top notch and adds tony dimension to the owner's persona. I wish to wear this snazzy , black crystal bracelet while receiving a prize for one of my literary Gem.

3.  Black Jimmy Choo Faye lace pumps :

The ladies wish for at least one Jimmy Choo in their dream closet. I am no different , but a slight variant with Black Jimmy Choo Faye lace pump is on my wish-list for a long time. Instead of solid leather pumps, the delicacy of the Faye lace adds so much glamour and glitz to this Black Jimmy Choo. I wish to wear and waltz in it.

4. Black Beauty :

That is Jet Black, smoking hot, luxurious car to zip...zap...zoom around, when I am showing off above three Black treasures. I really, truly, absolutely wish for black Zest  car. On the highway, at the signals, in the parking lots, cruising past colleges, malls, offices and complexes my Zest will be gazed at and envied by all.

5. Black Cat commando :

Yessss.... why not ? My very own Black Cat commando, to guard me and my 4 ritzy possessions. I will need nothing less than Zed+ security detail. My last but not the least wish is ... The Black cat commando with hi-fi elex-weapons to frighten away any Black-Spirit.


This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at

This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at

All the images are copied from Google.


Unknown said...

very designer list this


Hi Zooni , Yes it's my Designer-dream / wish list.

addaa said...

TATA Zest marks a change from the conventional design of TATA passenger cars. It is hoping to be a game changer. Now I never thought black will look so stunning. Even the interiors are matching.


Right ! Tata Zest is Tech-fest

Khushboo said...

Such wonderful picks Sujata. All the best for the contest :)


Thanks Khushboo .

SkyeSweet1276 said...

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Angel17 said...

Black is one of my favorite colors. This is a good blog.