Monday, March 17, 2014

SPARK - an exclusive business - workshop @CRITI

SPARK - an exclusive business workshop @CRITI

SPARK an exclusive workshop focusing on business and market opportunities from Criti had unique concept, loaded content, great guides and superb management.

The ice was broken with 'The 6 things I like most ' - Housy game, which encouraged the participants to interact with each other as if they were regular classmates enjoying a school picnic.
The next session - game about celebrity interview made the participants to converse in German, Chinese and Arabic randomly. The interviewer and the interviewee were supposed to become foreign language specialists within few minutes. The audience enjoyed the comedy show immensely.

The momentum to achieve the success was set through such highly entertaining / educating games by Master trainer Mr. Arun Chitlangia Sir and the famous image-consultant Ms. Greeshma Thampi.

Arun Sir and Greeshma Madam shared the knowledge , tips and winning fundamentals about how to 
1.Strike lasting business relationships through powerful First-Impression and immaculate business etiquette.
2. Read your customers' minds by reading their body language.
3. Inspire trust through Presentation and Public Speaking with confidence.
4. Leverage business opportunities in Info.Tech. by Retail & Hospitality with CRITI.

At the end of SPARK-workshop , in '3 minutes-CEO-the Role playing game , the participants were almost at the boiling temp , when Arun Sir evaluated our respective presentations.


arunchitlangia said...

Thanks for the wonderful description.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sujata.

rohanDsankhe said...

Thank you Sujata. This blog is encouraging in it's own way.
We hope to have added value to all the participants in one way or the other.
Keep in touch.

Rohan D. Sankhe
Criti - Creative IT India Pvt. Ltd.

Unknown said...

Thank you Sujata. Good narration of the event. But I was expecting more details and my photograph is also missing (i am kidding).

Once again thanks for write-up sharing the same. Hope to see you soon. Regards.

Nittien Wagle.


Arun Sir , Thanks for your compliment . Sorry for the late reply


Dear Ms. Greeshma , you are most welcome. Hope to meet you soon


Rohan , Thank you very much. All of us learned a lot for the lifetime. Sorry for the late reply


Thanks a lot , Nitin Sir. I have sent you photos through email , hope you have received them. Yes , I will be writing in detail soon. Me too , Wish to meet you sometime.