Saturday, March 8, 2014

Global Round Table @Tata Communications & @ABIS

 Global Round Table @Tata Communications & @ABIS

The Global round table invite for March 7 , 2014 made me go round and round , around the Bandra-Kurla complex as there are so many Tata group's offices in the vicinity.

Ms. Divya Anand - Asia Head- Corporate mkt. & comm. - Tata Communications , acquainted the attendies with the high definition Telepresence room's gadgets.

The Globalround table's mood gathered momentum as the participants from London , Brussels , Johannesburg , Shanghai , Paris , New Delhi , Mumbai and Singapore got video-connected .

Once the formal introduction of leading acdemics and corporate business leaders of the world was over , the thought provoking discussion veered toward the opportunities and challenges that Gen-next leaders need to consider.

" Leadership & Technology " global round table's absolute focus was on the risks and opportunities related to the role of unified communications in promoting sustainable and more effective business models arond the globe.

Mr. Stephen Pritchard - Broadcaster & Journalist ( London ) , introduced and overviewed the discussion topic.

Ms. Rozzyn Boy - Global head of corporate

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