Wednesday, May 9, 2018

UAE-Based Relam Investment LLC enters the Indian Market with investment portfolio of $250-300 million

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 Mr. Rajesh Gunani, Board Member, Relam Investment LLC; Mr. Abdulla Ali Rashed Lootah, Founder & Board Member, Relam Investment LLC; Mr. Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah, Chairman & Managing Director, Relam Investment LLC; Mr. Nyugen Duy Phuong, Vice Chairman, Relam Investment LLC; and Mr. Do Hong Phuc, Founder & Board Member, Relam Investment LLC

Relam Investment LLC has allocated an investment portfolio of $250-300 million for the Indian market with a focus on real estate and technology. Relam Investment LLC has signed a cooperation agreement with RRP S4E Innovation Pvt. Ltd in setting up renewable energy plants using CIGS,one of the most cutting-edge Nano-technologies in the renewable domain

Relam Investment LLC, a new international joint venture formed by UAE-based Vault Investment and Vietnamese MIG Holding, officially announced their launch in India, today. The company, headquartered in Dubai,is set to focus on investments across multiple sectors including real estate, technology, energy, oil & gas, trading, healthcare, F&B, retail and agriculture. The company looks to invest USD 250-300 million in the Indian market with an initial focus on real estate and technology.

The company announced two new technology-led investment projects. The first would serve the real estate sector through the crowdfunding platform and the second, a trade hub platform, which will move small and medium enterprises into a different paradigm. Relam Investment LLC has allocated an investment portfolio of $50million to fund emerging technology companies internationally and another $200 million into the real estate sector, where India stands as one of its main hubs.

Relam Investment LLC also signed a cooperation agreement with RRP S4E Innovation Pvt. Ltd in order to set up renewable energy plants using CIGS, one of the most cutting-edge Nano technologies in the renewable domain. The partnership will also lead to setting up of a unique Electro Optics park, as a part of its programme.

On the occasion of the launch, Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah, Chairman & Managing Director, Relam Investment LLC, said, “The partnership between the two companies will bring together proven expertise into multiple sectors, which we aim to replicate in the Indian market. Our strategy is aligned with Dubai’s vision for globalized growth via effective investments. India is a developing region and its ‘Made in India’ project has made the country a global hub for investments. Through Relam Investment LLC, we aim to give a boost to the Indian start-up ecosystem.”

Apart from India, Relam Investment LLC will focus its operations in the UAE, Vietnam, GCC countries, United Kingdom, Turkey, South East Asia and Egypt in the initial years, before expanding to other countries and regions around the world


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