Friday, August 26, 2016

Westside #CelebrateOurNewHome

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Home is just not the roof above head with walls to support but it is the most
affectionate bond shared by family members, relatives, friends and neighbors. The warmth, the coziness, the charm of Home can never be matched by any star-studded posh hotel. So let's #CelebrateOurNewHome which is full of timeless memories, pampering, sharing and caring by family members. Home is the kind of nest, from where the little birds gain strength to fly high. Westside's Exclusive collection of Home & Lifestyle solutions is that treasure trove we wish for our Home.

Naturally, Home decor is very interesting, important, close to our heart yet a matter of universal debate. The needs, choices, tastes, whims & fancies of each family member must be given equal respect and footage to create an environment of happiness and warmth. Right from the Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen , Study room, Bathroom, furniture and accessories should be chosen wisely and with love#WestsideHome has just unveiled an exclusive collection of Home & Lifestyle solutions, at Westside store, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. We can easily find our style as well as style our find with Westside Home.

The sense of belonging, the urge to remain connected with Home can be absolutely taken care by personalized home decor. The elders in the family prefer simple, minimalist yet elegant lifestyle, while the younger generation is crazy about chic, contemporary and extravagant luxuries. Cheers to all, #WestsideHomeLaunch has taken into consideration, the likes, choices and fancies of all family members while designing the #CelebrateOurNewHome range. Westside Home's curated collection is for all of us , to convert our houses into cherished Homes.

Our very own, unique sense of style can be realized pronto with #WestsideHome, and it’s range which can be classified under 5 broad categories : 1. Furniture ­: Living , Dining , Bedding 2. Living ­: Decor , Rugs , Lighting , Cushions 3. Bedding :­ Pillows, Comforters, Bed sheet sets , Bed covers. 4. Bathrooms :­ Towels , Binds , Mirrors , Storage solutions 5. Kitchens :­ Gadgets, Glassware, ovens, Table range , Dinner sets, Table linen, Serve ware etc.

We bloggers were introduced to Ms. Lyndsay Smith ( Category Head, WestsideHome ) who was rightfully in a cheery mood after curating such an exciting collection. She elaborated, " Our new collection has been designed with a mix of classic & contemporary styles keeping in mind the Westside consumers. Westside Home provides easy Home solutions which are aesthetically great looking and perfect for modern homes."

Westside Home is our magic mantra to recreate our Home as per our likes and
comfort. We can easily buy Westside products online on    

                                        #WestsideHomeLaunch  #CelebrateOurNewHome
West Side, Kala Ghoda
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Trent is a part of Tata group, established in 1998 and headquartered in Mumbai. It has Pan-India operations, Trent operates Westside ( India's largest & fastest growing retail chains. It has 98 Westside departmental  stores across 50 cities. 


Unknown said...

I would so love to have that chic Dining table , snow-white cutlery set ,designer-aromatic candles , flower-patterned pillows , dainty tea-set, flowers, lampshade , ottoman for my new home. I hope all of these products are available at Malad-Westside too.

Khushboo said...

I loved the entire collection on display. The store is beautifully designed and any home maker would love to browse through this enticing collection to redesign their homes. Great post Sujata :) Love all the photos.


Yessss Supriya , all these as well as many more exciting home-decor products are available across all Westside Stores. You may buy from as well.


Hey Khushboo, Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Believe me, once you step into Westside you will feel like buying more and much more. Thank you so much for the compliments.

AAMEN said...

Now, I know, why mamma is so crazy about shopping at Westside. After reading ( gazing at the marvelous pics ) this post, I have decided to join her for the next Westside shopping spree.

Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

Westside really has a good collection an you have presented those nicely through fantastic pics....loved this post.


Westside Home's new collections has so many fantastic decor-accessories that you must carry a list or will be all at wonderland wishing to have it all.


Thanks Jyotirmoy. As soon as I entered the Westside flaunting with it's latest home collection , I felt like a kid in a candy-store.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for sharing these links dude !! We get to know all the best online shopping sites in India thru ur amazing blog

Sarah said...

Look outstanding all the collection. The new home project was really excellent reading for me as I also love to keep my room into a new shape and look. Though was intended to learn about king size duvet covers for my bedding comfort, I was extremely happy to learn about Westside home collection and solution. Keep up the great work.

Kathy said...

I really enjoyed your advice on all decor suggestions.
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