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Withdrawal Symptoms #BNLF

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                        The Other Side of #BNLF

The Taj Mahal Palace , Mumbai , Date : November 3rd, 2015.

1st person : #BNLF ?  

2nd Person : BNLF ? Let me check the chart.... I am extremely sorry but I can not find BNLF here.

1st person : Ooohhh..... Uhhhm... sorry Edelweiss App launch ?

2nd person : Yes , Edelweiss , at The Rendezvous  , R Level .

Now, no need to elaborate further and confess my #BNLFia .... #BNLFever more detail. You caught me there as the 1st person and 2nd person was the Concierge of the Taj Mahal Palace. #BNLF ( Blog Now, Live Forever ) happened on 31st October+1st November, and here I was for an App Launch on 3rd November but #BNLF was still on my mind all the while. 

At The Rendezvous again the #BNLFever , continued as I met blogger-buddies Manisha, Saurabh , Dwitiy, Sanjay, Jigish, Chirag. We reminisced about what else but #BNLF. The brightest bloggers we met, super speeches / supreme speakers ( Purba Ray , Christoph Trappe’s, Kanan Gill , Preeti Shenoy , Arnab Ray , Anshul Tewari  Youth Ki Awaaz , Jeff BullasBruce Dickinson’s ) we loved, spectacular AitCraft-set-design , grand venue Lalit, mood-Zinger Blunder In The Code, friendly IndiCrew ,adventurous  Cleartrip activities, novel concept of  StayZilla and the Omni- Benevolent Team IndiBlogger .

Post Edelweiss launch we proceeded to Volini 360 launch at ITC Grand Central. Here we were given the star-studded opportunity to question Tennis-star Sania Mirza and Football captain Sunil Chhetri but we kept on chatting about #BNLF with 2 more brilliant IndiBlogers , Ekta Khetan and Heena Shah-Dedhi. 

At home, my sister and nephew have warned me with dire consequences if I utter even the B of #BNLF. There's only one way to return to normalcy and that's possible, if I immortalize the #BNLF with a blog-post

So to copy the host, co-founder of IndiBlogger and Adina's father ... " SSo....OKkay !" ...Here we go ... with actual #BNLF 

Adina: ' Papa Don't Sleep , I'm Gonna Preach' 
1. Announcement of #BNLF on  IndiBlogger IndiForum :
1st June 2015, It was nightish, when I 1st spotted the #BNLF Red banner on IndiBlogger site. As usual, I rushed to Twitter to break the news to my IndiBlogger-buddies. I tried to tag as many bloggers in 4-5 tweets and then returned to #BNLF tab to register. Few of my friends are not much Twitter-active so I phoned them and ORDERED them to register pronto.

2. Discussing #BNLF with outstation bloggers :
On 5th June 2015, We the IndiBloggers + #OYOXplorers, Manjulika Pramod, Ragini Puri, Sammya Brata and I met at Candolim airport for the first time in person. No prize for guessing, we started discussing about #BNLF right there in the car-journey towards #OYOrooms. You may read about #OYO  here

3. On 18th August, I received an email from Team IndiBlogger :

" We will begin giving out these passes towards the end of September.
However, if you can’t wait, we are offering free passes to the event before the end of this month!
Visit the BNLF site and write a blog post on your favorite elements of this event.
Submit your post here before August 24th, 2015 and we’ll issue a free pass to you on or before August 27th.There’s more - the best ever posts get the BNLF Limited Edition Mugs!"

SSo... So what, I wrote a blogpost for #BNLF and submitted it that day itself.
You may read my #BNLF Blog-post which presented me with a Prized-provisional pass here

4. On 20th August, I received another email :

Very nice post Sujata! :-) , and you'll get a pass to BNLF soon, and the mug! :-)
Keep blogging,
Renie Ravin
Founder & Web Architect

We're happy to inform you that you have a provisional pass to BNLF Mumbai!
As a token of appreciation towards blogging for BNLF....
Here's a Flipkart Voucher for you.

5. Finally, the #BNLF pass arrived on 27th August. 
Since then whenever we Mumbai-bloggers met for various launches, events etc. we discussed, planned about #BNLF. On 23rd October, Manjulika invited me for the Media Review of Novotel Imagica, Khopoli ( Experiential visit ). Here again we discussed, what else but our very own #BNLF. She was cross with me that, I had not applied for IndiCrew. I told her the reason and she sort of made peace with that. Sorry , I have not yet written about Novotel Imagica so no link. I am sure all of you would love to read Manjulika's post here

Statutory Warning :
Lengthy posts are injurious to Reader's eyes.

By now some of you may be feeling like killing me for keeping the suspense and not writing a sentence about the #BNLF , SSsso ... Keep Calm and read Anoop's Awe-Inspiring WTF #BNLF post here ...

Withdrawal Symptoms of #BNLF to be continued ....


Manjulika Pramod said...

Ha ha... this was fun Sujata...


Manjulika , Thank u . The 1st comment from u means a lot to me.

D.Nambiar said...

I can see that it was a great event.
:D This is such a fun post, Sujata. Waiting to hear more about the event -- from you.


Hi Dipti, Happy Diwali to you and your family. Exactly , #BNLF was a GREAT Event. Next I will be continuing with bloggers I met , Blunder In The Code , Keynotes , ClearTrip activities etc.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

nice meeting you at the event. Looking forward to other posts


Shubh Deepawali Shrinidhi. I admire your and Arti's ( My Yatra Diary ) blogs so much that when I met you both in person that too together , I was tongue-tied. I could not properly convey my appreciation for your blogs. I will be writing about meeting you both at #BNLF in detail in my next post.

Rakesh said...

Funny! :D

I was there at BNLF and you are right. It sort of grows on one! Although, it was my first blogging event, I'll make it a point to attend as many as possible. Truly enjoyed a lot!

Ananya said...

I remember seeing u ..but unfortunately we didnt get a chance to talk :(
Great write up

Ethnic Wear by Vintage Desi


Shubh Deepawali Rakesh. Welcome to ' Spirit Of Mumbai '. Thanks for the compliment. Yes, IndiMeets are like college-reunions. ' Blunder In The Code ' was Crowning glory at the #BNLF, with sweety Nadisha Thomas. See u soon at the next IndiMeet.


Shubh Deepawali Ananya. I saw you will be an understatement. I saw your aura. Surrounded by many blogger-fans. I didn't dare to gatecrash the fame-party. While the speakers were holding forth in the Hall, you were holding court in the dining arena. Loved your chic sari n various mod outfits. Thanks for visiting ' Spirit Of Mumbai '

The Last Nomad said...

Awesome post! Keep writing.

"At home, my sister and nephew have warned me with dire consequences if I utter even the B of #BNLF. "


Hi Heramb. Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Thanks for the compliment. We Indians are luckiest , when it comes to family-love n encouragement .

Unknown said...

Ha Hahaa!!! Couldn't agree more! I wish I were there for a longer time, I could have met everyone in person! :)

xoxo Style... A Pastiche!


Dear Style ... A Pastiche , Welcome to " Spirit Of Mumbai ". I can not imagine , why you did not stay for longer. That was the most wonderful feature of #BNLF. We got to meet n interact with all our NetBlogger Friends in Real - Face2Face . See u soon

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Arti said...

Wonderful round-up, Sujata and it felt really wonderful meeting and talking to you in person at the event! :)


Dear Arti, Your #BNLF post is so much more content-rich than mine. Thanks for compliment. Wish to meet you soon at the next IndiBlogger meet