Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cook With Cafe

Mumbai By The Beach ( Little Goa in Mumbai )

I want to make an honest confession " We don't have a TV set at home since 10 years. We have donated both of our TV-sets to an orphanage in VikramGarh." I know, you all must be wondering , How's that possible ? How do you survive without TV? Well, I did survive ' NO TV ' to tell the tale , have not I ?

I have won a Digital Camera, 2 Mobiles, E-Gift-Vouchers and a Helicopter-ride by writing various slogans, poems and witty tweets for
Hindustan Times's unique initiative HT - NoTVDay .

Some people say , " NO TV ? How boring, How do you spend time?". We answer, "We have just enough time to read so many wonderful books and magazines. We have subscribed to 5 newspapers daily ( 2 English , 3 Marathi ). We have 24 hours Internet-connectivity through which we get instant news, whatever happening all over the world is just a click away. Plus we don't have enough patience to mull over the never-ending Saas-Bahu sagas".

Am I stretching it too .? This lengthy prologue is actually, really essential to convince you all that, I won a Twitter-contest and got the yummilicious opportunity to cook with Chef Rahul Kulkarni at the Cafe By The Beach ( Girgaon Chowpatty, Mumbai ). Here's the First look of 'Cafe By The Beach' ...

We the Twitter-contest winner were welcomed by Hindustan Times's representative and Cafe by the Beach-executive with the chilled glasses of Aam-Panna followed by photo-ops with Chef Rahul Kulkarni. He demonstrated, how to cook Alphonso Mango Goat Cheese Salad and we followed each step... with our hand-gloved hands. The final scene was so eye-candy with Chef Rahul Kulkarni, that you must see it to believe me.

Next, Chef demonstrated 'Mini Dogs with Raw Mango Salsa' . And yes it was the most delicious preparation , as much as it sounds. I am sure, you all would love to have the recipe ...

Ingredients : Mini Hot Dog bread - 2 nos. , Butter - 10 gms. , Cottage chhese cubes - 50 gms. , Raw Mango ( Kairi ) - 40 gms. , Fresh Red chili - 10 gms. , Honey - to taste , Sea Salt - to taste , Mint - 5 gms. , Garlic - 1 Clove-chopped , Olive oil - 1 tsp ( Bertolli , if you please ), Parsley - for garnish , Oregano ( Fresh / Dry ) - to taste.

Method : Slit the Hot Dog bread in the centre. Apply butter inside and toast it in an oven. To make Raw Mango Salsa - Peel Mango skin and chop the Mango. Add Sea salt, Mint leaves, Red chili, Honey to taste. ( Can be made and refrigerated a day before ). In a hot pan, heat some oil, Add chopped Garlic, Oregano, Cottage cheese ( cut in cubes ) and toss till golden brown. To make the Dogs, stuff the Cottage cheese filling in the slit bread. Top it with chilled raw Mango Salsa just before serving and garnish with Parsley. Serve Hot or Cold. I am ready to bet ... that your mouth will water at the sight of these mean Mango Mini Dogs...

That's not all, we got to feast on these Royal Mango treat, all by ourselves. I so wished , if only my nephew or niece had accompanied me ...

We, the Twitter-contest winners thanked Hindustan Times and Cafe By The Beach with satiated tummies and delighted hearts. By the time we left, it was twilight hour and Cafe By The Beach sparkled in the setting rays of Mumbai Sun.

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  1. That must be some experience! The mango special recipes are amazing... :-)

    Congrats on winning the Twitter contest... :-)

    1. Hi Maniparna , The whole experience of cooking so many Mangolicious dishes was marvelous. Thanks for your wishes.

  2. Congratulations! This is amazing post Sujata :)

  3. Very interesting post Sujata.. It got me hooked till I had read and learnt the whole recipe.

    1. Hi Manjulika , Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai' . Thanks. I know ... your love for Mangoes .

  4. Congrats again, Sujata. Alphonso mango and goat cheese salad? Yes Please! The cafe looks really charming.

    1. Thanks Hema. The Mango cheese salad looks and tastes amazing. I wish you could share it. Next time , when we meet.