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Friday, June 6, 2014

MUMBAI celebrates "HT NO TV DAY" with Hindustan Times

MUMBAI celebrates 'HT NO TV DAY' with Hindustan Times

                         Why This NoTv  NoTv  NoTv  HT ?

                                     HT has made a Plan ,

                                  Super Plan , Duper Plan

                                         Time Perfect.

                                            Just Do It.

                           Why This NoTv NoTv NoTv  HT ?

                                   Distance la Home Home

                                      Home Member Hate
                              Black Homeground day-to-day

                                       Due to 24-Hours TV

                                      Bright Screen TV , TV

                                            TV effect Bad

                                       Eyes , eyes get Specs.

                                          Our future worse

                         Turn Off TV , Celebrate with Family




  1. Replies
    1. AM sang , We celebrate " NO TV DAY " every day as we have donated our both TV sets to an orphanage in Vikramgarh ( Maharashtra ). Thanks