Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kahani Ghar Ghar ki Royale ATMOS ki Jubani

' Mere Desh ki Mitti ....  I won't Mitaao it with sweeping & swabbing ' swears my nephew Aamen.
' Whaaaaa..... ttt ? Tere Desh Ki Mitti ? Ok , fine then gather it in the dust pan and cultivate Gold , Diamonds, Pearls whatever on it... Just Do It. ' - I scream.
' Mouse the Trouse, your OCD for cleanliness is worse than Kenny Sebastian's mom.' - Aamen the Caveman.
' Don't Kenny-zone me. Check out Deepika, I mean her Royale ATMOS : A Paint that helps Purify Air ad.'


' Har ghar kuch kehta hain, Aamen are you listening ? Your Ghar is seeking attention - Declutter me, clean me, swab me , air me and pamper me like a family member. I want to feel royale so that you can enjoy my majestic charm. I know you love stories. Here's my story ... Kahani Ghar Ghar ki. '

Once upon a time, India was the most fertile, prosperous and leading nation of the world. Indians were happy, healthy and wealthy. Naturally the atmosphere was clean, clear and pure. Alas! that's all History and present is SCARY. Care to know, Yeh kya hua ? Kaise hua ?

Let's do introspection. You dump your leftover food and scrap into the single, uncovered bin. You never separate your wet and dry garbage. You escalate the air, water pollution through daily garbage, cluttering your homes with rusty tins, plastic bags-bottles etc. You forget to repair your clogged basins , sinks-pipes. You ignore doing yearly Pest Control. You neglect routine cleaning at home, and then you suffer from cough, cold, Dengue, Malaria etc.

Some pollutants are emitted from building and construction materials and indoor equipment. These pollutants degrade the quality of air within your home. You spend a substantial amount of time indoors. Breathing in polluted air can lead to a whole host of health issues, from headaches to sever respiratory disorders. One of the major indoor air pollutants is formaldehyde. It is 
emitted by construction materials including plywood, MDF and adhesives – all of which are used in making furniture. The resins used in the manufacture of these adhesives degrade and emit formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has severe health issues. 

Are you aware that 13 of the world's top 20 most polluted cities are in India. But, the air inside your home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. In Modern times, it's a privilege to stay in metro to achieve your Goals. to reach the summit of your chosen career. You have no option but to live in a glass & concrete  urban jungle which directly affects the quality of air you breathe. 

You have a few getaways in natural surroundings. Your Villages are pristine with Sunny beaches. Silvery sands, Scenic sea , ravishing rivers , majestic mountains , verdant valleys and fragrantly fresh forests. Nature is Pure , Natural air is Cleaner and still for how much time can you stay outside cities ?  At the end of the picture perfect picnic , you must return to your matchbox apartments. 

You have the solution to your problem. You are responsible for your Present situation and you are capable of making your homes healthy, sunny, bright. Let me Share some Gharelu  tips & tricks to ensure clean air inside home. Indoor air pollution can have a severe negative impact on our health. Let's keep our homes spic and span. Daily sweeping , swabbing, yearly Pest-control are must. Remove all clutter, scraps, old unwanted, broken, rusted things from home. Get all leakages, taps, pipes, windows, doors repaired. Plant Tulsi ( Holy Basil ), Aloe Vera which are pure source of oxygen and have medicinal properties. Sanitation and hygiene begin at homes and affect our Health. Our children learn hygienic habits by imitating us enthusiastically. The parents must learn good sanitation and hygiene habits. They must practice them earnestly. Children would follow parents. Good hygiene and sanitation practice will surely transform India at large for the better environment and brighter future. 

Finally , Let's pledge for clean air with Royale ATMOS - A Paint that helps purify air.  It's activated carbon technology reduces harmful air pollutants and makes the air cleaner.The foul smells that persist within a room degrade indoor air. These bad odours linger and act as air irritants. Royale Atmos also improves air quality by absorbing certain foul smells. There is a select range of household odours that it absorbs including nicotine, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, sweat, garlic and makes the air fresher. It looks good and improve the air quality inside your home. It reduces formaldehyde, a dangerous indoor pollutant.


Royale Atmos gives a luxurious look due to its rich, smooth Matt finish. It provides best-in-class washability, excellent stain and scrub resistance thanks to its Teflon Surface Protector. Royale Atmos has excellent durability, lasting an average of 5-6 years. It has Green Assure Seal which means it is VOC safer and Environment-friendly Royale Atmos is the first Asian Paints product to have a fragrance, instead of the normal chemical smell of paints.



(All photos are clicked by me at Asian Paints-Bandra, ITC-GrandCentral & Goa)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Chak De India Aajma le BHIMKaDum with NPCI

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Once upon a time in Mumbai, while travelling in a office hour-rushed local, we had an ironic epiphany. An epiphany was that , we had the Celebrity among us , who had possessed The Credit card. An irony was that , we discovered her Celebrity status only after she declared that she had lost that Credit Card. Rather confusing, is not it ?.  Let's take it bit by bit, cause that's how Electronics = E-Payments works in bits of 0 and 1.

In those days of manual banking, Internet was LUXURY, which could be afforded by a chosen few. Naturally E-banking, online transactions were rare like crystal clear Air. Very few elites possessed Debit , Credit , ATM cards and it was sort of status symbol to flaunt. Now in the era of Demonetization , transparency and E-currency CARDS are necessary and easily available. But the Million Dollar question is , how and which card to select ?

The answer is Simple and Sure fire. India is the largest & thriving democracy in the world. Our democratically selected Government is anytime more Trustworthy & Secure than the others. Get RuPay to Pay & Receive.

In the modern, high-tech world, Life is Easier, time-saving and Secure due to Electronic transactions. Our daily tasks are simplified eg. we don't need to stand in numerous queues for various payments. We don't need to carry cash-bundles for shopping, so no worry about thefts. All the work is done by a RuPay genie while we take it Easy. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), an umbrella organisation for operating retail payments and settlement systems in India, is an initiative of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) for creating a Payment& Settlement Infrastructure in India. NPCI, is a “Not for Profit” Company to provide infrastructure to the entire Banking system in India for physical as well as electronic payment and settlement systems. 

RuPay is an established brand with complete portfolio of debit, credit,  and prepaid cards. National Financial SwitchCheque Truncation System and Aadhaar Enabled Payment System are the flagship products of NPCI. With Immediate Payment Service, India became the leading country in the world in real time payments in retail sector. Bharat Interface for Money/Unified Payments Interface is the revolutionary product in payment system. The other recently launched products Bharat Bill PayNational Common Mobility Card and National Electronic Toll Collection are bringing revolution in small value electronic payments.

RuPay is a domestic, open-loop, multilateral payment system to all banks and financial institutions in India.featuring Common network, switching & interchange fees across all banks. It has in-built capability to offer tailor-made products for specific needs for the banking system. Pungrain, Kisan Card, Aadhaar based cards. It offers payment options across channels i.e. ATM / POS / e-commerce as well as Aadhaar based transactions at micro ATMs.

RuPay Advantages:
• All transactions under RuPay card scheme are processed within the country.
• RuPay complies with the regulatory requirement for debit cards and the PIN has been made
mandatory .This ensures a higher level of security to the customers.
• RuPay pricing is simple, transparent and highly competitive.
•RuPay has a strategic tie-up with Discover Financial Services and Japan Credit Bureau to
offer international acceptance globally.

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is an instant payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), an RBI regulated entity. UPI is built over the IMPS infrastructure and allows you to instantly transfer money between any two parties' bank accounts.and Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) will make money transfers as easy as sending a text message in real-time.

 Go cashless – anywhere, anytime. A simple and secure way to make payments.
 24 x7 Instant money transfer service
 Scan and Pay
 Collect and receive money from your friends at a single click and that too instantly.
 Direct bank account to bank account transfer using UPI ID / Mobile No. / Aadhaar No. /
Account No. & IFS code.
 Generate and share yourpersonalised QR code.
 Instant notifications Get instant transaction alerts for every transaction on BHIM.
 Access BHIM App in your favourite language. BHIM is available in English and 13 regional
 Best answer to Cash on Delivery hassle, running to an ATM or rendering exact amount.
 Merchant Payment with Single Application or In-App Payments.

UPI Benefits 
1. Round the clock availability
2. Single Application for accessing different bank accounts
3. Use of UPI ID is more secure, no credential sharing
4. Single click authentication
5. Raise Complaint from Mobile App directly
6. Entertainment, Education Institutes, Retail etc. accept UPI payments from their customers.

I am sure, now Dhinchak Pooja will stop harassing us with ' Baapu Dede Thoda Cash ' 

Please check , ,   for more details.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Oriflame Brand Ambassador Kalki heralds Beautiful Change

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Oriflame celebrates 50 years of making ‘A Beautiful Change’; appoints Kalki Koechlin as the brand ambassador

      Oriflame acknowledges its global consultants and employee family for creating a positive impact
around the world and urges them to inspire others to do the same

 Oriflame India, the leading Swedish direct selling beauty brand, has always been committed towards sustainability. To create more awareness around the brand’s strong legacy and ambition for the future, it has roped in National Award-winning actress Kalki Koechlin as Oriflame’s brand ambassador to launch the much-awaited campaign, “A Beautiful Change”. Through the campaign, the brand aims to emphasize on the idea that everyone can make a beautiful change in this world the way Oriflame is doing; by creating opportunities for people along with manufacturing responsible products that do not harm the environment.

For the past 50 years, Oriflame has been a quintessential beauty brand with its foundations in sustainable innovations and creations. From creating opportunities for people to improve their lives to giving back to local communities and nature, it has established its position as an environment-friendly and sustainable company. Much of the brand’s vital philosophies are reflected via its many social and environmental policies. Oriflame aims to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2020. It has collaborated with the RFA to source 100% of its paper and packaging requirements from credible certified sources by 2020. Oriflame is also the first cosmetics company purchasing GreenPalm credits for 100% palm oil usage. All these initiatives push the brand closer to its goal of sustainability in bringing about a beautiful change in the world.  

Further, having established a global community comprising employees, customers, and consultants, it has many truly inspiring and heart-warming stories of progress, passion, and success. Oriflame provides an opportunity to people, especially women, and empowers them to fulfill their dreams. With its core beliefs of empowerment and sustainability, Kalki Koechlin is the perfect choice for Oriflame to take its message further.

Commenting on the sidelines, Mr. Sergei Kanashin, SVP and Head of South Asia & MD India at Oriflame said, “Being one of the fastest growing cosmetic companies in the world, we believe that beauty is beyond looks but it’s the way one acts. While our products bring beauty and wellbeing into the lives of consumers, they are also manufactured in a way that they don’t harm nature and the environment. We welcome Kalki in the Oriflame family and we look forward to a fruitful association with her.”

Annu Kapoor in 'Muavza - Zameen Ka Paisa'

Annu Kapoor's Never Seen Before Avatar In Trailer Of 'Muavza - Zameen Ka Paisa'

We all loved Annu Kapoor in Ayushmann Khurrana and Yami Gautam starrer 'Vicky Donor' in the role of a shrewd yet comical Dr. Baldev Chadda. He also won in his audiences as Advocate Pramod Mathur in 'Jolly L.L.B 2'. Now, he will be seen as Bechu Bhai in an upcoming film 'Muavza - Zameen Ka Paisa'.

He will be essaying the role of a popular man of the village who makes his people aware of the compensation they are to fetch out of their lands to be used by the government for development. On this premise, 'Muazva - Zameen Ka Paisa' is rib tickling, super sarcastic, unique story of razor sharp wit focusing on the lives of Nuevo Rich of New Delhi & NCR. Their lifestyles, before & after, their identity crises & their raw approach to everything, their chowdharayat to prove their one-upmanship. 

The trailer is bound to tickle one's funny bone as Annu Kapoor cunningly traps people in plans to reap personal benefits. He's joined by the amazing cast of Akhildehra Mishra and Pankaj Beri who have proved their prowess with their acting skills.

Produced by Jagdish Gupta under the banner of Jagson Entertainment company, 'Muavza - Zameen Ka Paisa' is all set to release on 6th October 2017.

VU TV launched Pop Smart TV, Office Smart TV, Premium Smart TV

Leading Smart TV Brand VU Televisions launches the Pop Smart TV, Office Smart TV & Premium Smart TV; unveils the first-ever Smart TV designed exclusively for India
~ Truly a Make in India, Pop Smart TV series developed considering feedback of 1000s of customers
~ The Office Smart TV is first-of-its-kinds offering a stylish & convenient office productivity tool
~ The Premium Smart TV offers the fastest processing time & is licensed for Netflix & YouTube
 Incepted with the vision to transform luxury viewing in the television segment, Vu TV is the Numero Uno Smart TV brand in India. With revenue of Rs.500 crore in 2016-17 and a projected revenue of Rs.1000 Cr, Vu is now the #3 brand in India for 4K TVs after Sony and Samsung. With it’s new series launch, it strengthens it’s hold as the highest selling TV brand online and the choice of the youth in India.

 The launch will witness the first Smart TV that is researched and developed in India. From hardware to software, Pop Smart TV is a shining beacon of the Make in India initiative by Vu TV. Additionally, the launch will introduce the world’s first office TV, the Office Smart and Premium Smart TV. With the right integration of technology, content and apps (YouTube, YuppTV, Hungama, Eros and more) the new and distinguished Smart TV range by Vu TV is set to best serve the intelligent Internet Generation of today.

Commenting on the launch, DevitaSaraf, CEO & Design Head, Vu TV said, “I am excited to announce launch the new TV series from Vu TV, bringing together unprecedented and immensely required functionalities for today’s generation. Vu is at the forefront of innovation in television technology in India and we are proud to present the Indian Youth and Professionals with the most spectacular solutions. ”

Pop Smart TV: Sizes Available: 49”, 43”, and 32”
Truly a ‘Make in India’ initiative, the Pop Smart TV is the first of its kind to support PC casting from Windows and Macbook. Comprising the choices of on-demand channel like Hungama, Eros Now, YuppTV, Ted, Daily Motion and more, Pop Smart enables viewers to share Picture, Video, Music on TV from Android or iOS Mobile. Furthermore, it enables controlling TV function from smart phone and use keyboard function while interacting with browser. The Once Touch Pop Remote control by Vu TV provides pop buttons of favourite apps like YouTube, Browser, App store and Media, making the entire experience completely hassle-free.
Office Smart: Sizes Available: 75”, 65”, 55”, 49”
Perhaps the grooviest productivity tool, the Office Smart TV comes with in-built computer and Windows OS for PPT, Excel, Word, Outlook etc. With its wireless and wired network connectivity and 32GB storage, the Office Smart TV allows users to send emails directly to the TV while preparing for meetings or access cloud apps, CRM software, other network files directly from the Office TV. The plug and play solution offers complete employee privacy, not having to connect PC for display.

Premium Smart: Sizes Available: 55”, 49”, 43”, 39”, 32”
Empowered with Quad-core Internet Video Processor, the Premium Smart TV is built on the Premium OS, offering the fastest processing speedLicensed with YouTube & Netflix, the series offer unparalleled convenience. User can press Netflix or YouTube button to turn on the App or push the videos from YouTube on smart phone to the TV to easy viewing.

The Screen Mirroring feature of the Premium range allows users to share life moments on Vu TV. Enabled via Any View cast or DLNA, the TV can then be used to share content from computer, Tablet & smartphone on Wifi or LAN. The screen can be easily synced via Smart Control or DLNA.

S. No.
2,50,000 INR
1,16,000 INR
64,000 INR
57,000 INR
46,000 INR
64,000 INR
50,000 INR
42,000 INR
44,500 INR
37,500 INR
22,000 INR
60,000 INR
44,500 INR
38,500 INR
31,500 INR
20,000 INR

Vu, which has pioneered innovative television technology, is a Television brand established in 2006 between California, USA and India. Built with the highest grade panels, the fastest processors and energy efficient power solutions, each VU television is designed to operate for over 100,000 hours in normal circumstances and provide the best picture quality even in brightly-lit environments. Consistently, VU has been winning hearts by receiving a 5/5 rating on multiple consumer forums, along with winning the “TV of the year award”. VU elevates the consumer experience by providing supremely personalized customer relations, understanding their entertainment preferences and in turn progressing rapidly to become the fastest growing TV brand in various segments. For more information, please log on to:

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Kriti (Kiwi) Sanon first Indian Brand Ambassador for Education New Zealand

Education New Zealand (ENZ) announced its first Indian Brand Ambassador in Mumbai today. Young, spirited actress Kriti Sanon, will now be representing Education New Zealand in India.

Kriti’s connect with the youth will support Education New Zealand (ENZ) reach out to aspiring students from India to make an informed choice while considering their study abroad options. During the interactive press conference in Mumbai, ENZ announced a range of initiatives especially designed for the Indian audience.

The New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA) season 2, a unique scholarship scheme which offers ambitious Indian students partial scholarships to study business, fashion and STEM-related programmes (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at New Zealand universities. All eight New Zealand universities feature in the top 3% globally as per QS ratings. Thirty-one talen ted young Indian students were recipients of the prestigious inaugural NZ Excellence Awards earlier this year.

(NZEA eligibility criteria, application procedure and deadlines available on

Announcing the NZEA 2017 awards, HE Ms Joanna Kempkers, New Zealand High Commissioner to India said, "The announcements today will encourage high calibre Indian students from India to choose New Zealand as their higher education destination. The New Zealand Excellence Awards offer a select group of students partial scholarships to study at New Zealand’s world-leading Universities.”

The second round of the ‘Academic Guest Lecture Series’ was also launched, to showcase New Zealand’s leading academics in in the area of engineering, life sciences, ecology, sustainability, social work and business. The lecture series is scheduled across Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi from 4th – 9thSeptember 2017 and will feature lectures in a range of stimulating topics including: Educating creative engineers; using mobile technology to enhance learning of Mathematics; Smart power and renewable energy; Usage of drones in geographical information systems; Future of food safety and security impacted by climate change to name a few.

Speaking at the occasion, Education New Zealand’s Regional Director – India, South East Asia and Middle East, John Laxon said, “Today’s announcements signify New Zealand’s ongoing commitment to provide a positive learning environment for Indian students. We are thrilled to welcome such a diverse group of world-leading New Zealand academics to India as part of our lecture  series. Our India initiatives aim to profile New Zealand expertise in specialist courses such as animation, fashion, aviation, sports technology, cyber security, energy and conservation in India.” 

Commenting on the appointment of the first Indian Brand Ambassador for Education New Zealand, Mr Laxon added, Kriti’s excellent education background and profile will help us enhance connections with the Indian youth who are seeking a high-quality international education.”

“We are also excited to announce the New Zealand India Sustainability Challenge (NZISC), to showcase our strength in Sustainability and Environment. NZISC a unique project in collaboration with TERI India as Knowledge Partner, where students will identify solutions for sustainability problems in the economy, health, and environment sector.” Added Mr Laxon on other announcements made by Education New Zealand today.

On being named the first Indian Brand Ambassador for Education New Zealand, a visibly excited Kriti Sanon said, “I feel honoured to be part of the New Zealand family in India. It is a great opportunity and responsibility for me to play a catalyst role in supporting the educational and career prospects of students from my country.”

“New Zealand offers incredible opportunities for our high-achieving students to pursue a wide variety of quality courses in a positive and multicultural environment. I hope this exposure will help us shape global citizens of tomorrow”added Ms Sanon on her association.

Other announcements from today included: ‘Education New Zealand Recognised Agents Fairs’, scheduled in Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai this month which offer potential students and their parents a one stop platform to interact with representatives from New Zealand institutions and understand their education offerings. Further information on the Fairs and studying in New Zealand can be found at

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#ThereIsOnlyOne Jockey

Jockey, the world's best-loved and most-recognized innerwear brand launched a unique pop-up museum to bring alive its legacy in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Walking down memory lane of the Jockey museum was bollywood stunner Kriti Sanon who was joined by leading south film actress and model Kriti Kharbanda and popular VJ and actress Rhea Chakraborty.  The leading ladies were seen marveling at the history of innerwear that was pioneered by Jockey over the past century. The Jockey pop-up museum is open to everyone from September 8 – 10, 2017 at High Street Phoenix, Parel

The pop-up museum celebrates the history of Jockey and relives its incredible journey by bringing alive key milestones such as; the invention of the brief in 1934, the revolutionary Y-front design of 1935, the ‘Cellophane Wedding’ in 1938 which was the world’s first fashion show for innerwear, the very first innerwear TV commercial in 1958, the special line of underwear created for NASA’s Apollo mission in 1962, introduction of the first men’s bikini brief in 1969, pioneering the use of box packaging for innerwear in 1972,  the first ever innerwear fashion show in India in 1995, and many more.

Founded in 1876, Jockey has a rich history as one of the apparel industry’s original pioneers and innovators. Whether it’s inventing the first ever men’s brief in 1934, developing underwear for astronauts of NASA’s Apollo Mission in 1962, or setting benchmarks in the innerwear category with groundbreaking advertising, Jockey continues to define the industry.

This year also marks 70 years since Jockey stitched the brand name on the waist band of their innerwear. At a time when underwear was not openly spoken about and underwear brands put their names on their products only for legal reasons, Jockey wanted to show the world how proud it was of its products. In what seemed like a small step, Jockey embroidered its name onto the waistbands of its products, and was the first brand to ever do so. Jockey’s branding of the band was path-breaking, and broke out into a global trend which is seen across brands even today.

Whether you’re attending the Jockey Pop-up museum or watching it from afar, join the conversation using #THEREISONLYONE on Twitter @JockeyIndia and Instagram @jockeyindia. Also visit the Jockey India Facebook page for LIVE updates on Jockey’s 141 year celebration.