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Monday, November 20, 2017

COLORS Pinkathon Mumbai : Navari Run and Baby Wearing Mothers Walk at Juhu Beach

Colors Pinkathon Mumbai organised two promo events the Navari Run and Baby Wearing Mothers Walk at the Juhu beach with over 200 gorgeous women all dressed in traditional wear for a "Navari Run" followed by the baby wearing mothers walk at Juhu beach. The atmosphere was so festive and lively.

The Nauvari Run started at 6am with a fun warm-up session of zumba and yoga before it. All
participants wore either Navari saris or their traditional best and ran for a short 2 kms. This run
emphasized the fact that a mere element such as dressing can stop no woman from striving towards

In the second event, Colors Pinkathon with Mumbai Sling Library invited baby-wearing Supermoms
at 7.30 am for a short warm-up and walk. #ColorsPinkathon conducts training sessions for women to
participate with their babies to emphasize on staying fit during pregnancy and post-natal period. It
also highlights how healthy motherhood is a necessity in today’s day and age, to be the torchbearers
for healthy families. Most of the women who participated carried their babies in slings and
harnesses, as they walked along the route.

Commenting on such initiatives especially the Navari Run and Baby Wearing walk, Model and
Founder of Pinkathon Milind Soman said, “We want to change the mind-set of women. We want
women to run in whatever they wear and the way they are dressed, be it sarees, salwar kameez or
even the hijabs. Clothes should not become deterrent to women’s fitness. The idea is to inculcate
the fitness habit in their comfort wear. We want to urge new mothers to lead a healthy life and
break the stereotype of woman with infants having to stay at home. Women with infants have truly
forgotten how to live for themselves, only focusing on what their child wants. The walk is for urban
woman to understand that it is important to take their children along with them as they carry on
with their lives, unfettered as far as possible, by any shackles of motherhood.”

Baby wearing also has immense benefits to both mother and child. Carried babies are less likely to
cry, are healthier, gain weight faster, have better motor skills, coordination, increased muscle tone
and a better sense of balance. Carried babies fall asleep quicker and sleep for longer periods of time,
become independent faster as they are more confident and less clingy, they learn more as they are
not over stimulated, but calm and alert and most importantly, are happier. Baby wearing enables
better communication between mother and child as the mother becomes attuned to her baby’s
facial expressions and other gestures. Lactating mothers lose less bone mass by carrying with them
the extra weight of their babes as it encourages weight bearing exercises. Mothers also have less to
worry about while both mother and child feel secure in each other’s company.

Pinkathon is India's biggest women's run to encourage and promote fitness & health among women and create awareness for women’s wellness & Breast Cancer. The COLORS Pinkathon Mumbai - Inspiring partners Bajaj Electricals is scheduled to be held on Sunday, December 17, 2017 at R2 MMRDA Grounds, BKC. Over 11000 women are expected to participate in this 6 th edition. Online registrations are open at www.pinkathon.in for the V Wash plus 3km, 5km & Tata Salt Lite 10km multi-category run, for the 21km drop a mail on info@pinkathon.in.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Daddies don the parenting cap

Super cool daddies take on the mantle of parenting
A Podar Institute of Education Survey dispels conventional notions of parenting

Fathers are increasingly getting involved and active when it comes to everyday parenting of their children, says a survey by Podar Institute of Education.

The survey, conducted among 4800 fathers in Mumbai, dispels the many conventional notions of parenting which otherwise put mothers at the heart of parenting. A common complain of mothers is that fathers are not involved in everyday parenting and that they have to bear the burden of parenting.

According to the survey, 70% fathers are now making a conscious effort to reduce their travel for work in order to spend more time with their children. 65% fathers spend two or more hours every day with their children. They are now aware of which school the child attends, or which class and even attend their open house and events.

There, however, is still some scope of improvement by dads in giving time, learning to discipline their children and helping children with school work, according to the survey. The survey found that only 33% spend time doing household chores or reading to their children. 88% fathers need the wife around when they take children out and only 12% are confident to go out alone with their children. Many fathers are not so involved in helping around the house or in household chores and most are not happy with the amount of time they are able to spend with their kids.

Dr Swati Popat Vats, President of Podar Education Network, and Early Childhood Association, feels that these results are a good sign that children today are benefitting by equal involvement by both parents and this will be good for the overall emotional development and emotional intelligence in children. There will be less tendency towards depression, suicidal tendencies as children who have a strong bond with not one by two parents will grow up to be more resilient. Both relationships remain psychologically important even when there are disparities in the two parents’ levels of participation in child care.

Fathers are just as essential to healthy child development as mothers. Psychology Today explains: "Fatherhood turns out to be a complex and unique phenomenon with huge consequences for the emotional and intellectual growth of children."

Erik Erikson, a pioneer in the world of child psychology, asserts that a father's love and a mother's love are qualitatively different. Fathers "love more dangerously" because their love is more "expectant, more instrumental" than a mother's love. A father brings unique contributions to the job of parenting a child that no one else can replicate. Following are some of the most compelling ways that a father’s involvement makes a positive difference in a child's life.

By 18 months babies can tell the difference between mothers and fathers interaction with them. Both mothers and fathers parent differently. This diversity, in itself, provides children with a broader, richer experience of contrasting relational interactions. Whether they realize it or not, children are learning, by sheer experience, that men and women are different and have different ways of dealing with life. This understanding is critical for their development.

To highlight this fact to fathers and mothers and to celebrate the importance of both parents in parenting, Podar Jumbo Kids in association with Early Childhood Association and Born Smart Parenting website organised a unique Just for Dads panel discussion on the topic, “Involvement of Dads in Everyday Parenting” on November 18 at Podar Jumbo Kids, Khar West. The panelists were actor Karanvir Bohra, author Ketan Bhagat, diamond merchant Rushabh Turakhia, digital media entrepreneur Saurabh Kanwar, anesthetologist Dr. Harshal Wagh, ad film maker Vaibhav Pawar and Public Relations Consultant Ankeet Dave.

Podar Institute of Education supported by Early Childhood Association conducted a survey with over 4800 fathers to understand their parenting style and time spent with their children. The results of this study are used in the unique book ‘How to be a S.U.P.E.R Dad’, which was unveiled by the panelists during the panel discussion.

Kya Aapke Cake Mein Iron Hai ?

                               How to Power up your kids with Iron

Aamen, my nephew loves cakes is an understatement. Aamen lives to eat cake every day. Some times I wonder and many times I am sure that he is the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette. Most of the dabbas ( Food Boxes ) in our home are choc-a-bloc with different types of cakes. Choco-Chip Cake in the morning with glassful of Complan-milk, Butter-Scotch Cake with Methi Theplas / Idlis in the school-tiffin , Cup-Cakes with coffee / Upma / Poha in the evening, Walnut brownies/ truffle pastries in between, is Aamen's Cakelicious eatinerary ( i.e. itinerary ) on any given day.

You must be wondering , so much of Junk ?. What kind of parents stuff their kids with Maida, maida and more maida through Cakes?. Yes, we understand your concern as well as our duties and responsibilities as parents and at the same time we want our bachcha to be happy. Feeding our children Nutrition through their favorite food is the Key-Mantra. 

Cake can be healthy too if Maida is substituted with Wheat flour ( rich in Vitamins and high fiber ), Sugar is substituted with Jaggery ( full of Iron, Vitamins, Minerals ), and key ingredients such as, Rajgira / Amaranth ( Iron, Calcium, Protein ), Nuts : Almonds ( Proteins, Vitamins ), Cashews ( Iron, Vitamins, Minerals ),dry fruits : Raisins ( Iron, Protein, Vitamins ), Homemade Ghee ( full of Vitamins , lowers LDL Cholesterol levels ), Milk etc. 

That day, we decided to give a Power packed , Iron full surprise to Aamen by baking a novel Nutty- Nutritious , Iron-rich cake, using Almonds, Cashews, Jaggery, Raisins, Amaranth as the main ingredients. 

You won't believe me , If I told you that Aamen's eyes twinkled Big Star and his hair spiked on it's own  ( OK the later is just a JOKE ) when he saw and tasted the Nutty-Nutritious Cake .


Power Packed, Iron full, Nutritious Cake 

Preparation Time : 30 Minutes

Ingredients :

1.    1/2 cup powdered Almonds

2.    1/2 cup powdered Cashews 
3.    1/2 cup Raisins
4.    1/2 cup Rajgira ( Amaranth )
5.    1 cup powdered Jaggery
6.    1 Tsp Baking Powder
7.    1/2 cup Cocoa powder
8.    1 cup Wheat flour
9.    1 cup Ghee ( clarified butter )
10.  1 cup Milk


  1. Mix well and Sieve together Wheat flour , Cocoa powder and Baking powder.
  2. Beat Ghee & Powdered Jaggery until light & creamy. Add Milk, beating well after each addition. Fold in sieved Wheat Flour , Cocoa powder into the above mixture. 
  3. Add the powdered nuts ( Cashews,  Almonds ) Rajgira and Raisins . Mix well. 
  4. Grease & dust the baking bowl with maida. Preheat oven to 180o C. Pour  the mixture in to the bowl. cover it with foil. 
  5. Bake 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool in tin for 5 mins. Decorate colorfully. 

www.livogen.in is an initiative by MERCK to spread the awareness about anaemia, increase detection rates and treatment. This website has information on what is iron deficiency anaemia, what are the symptoms, remedies, precautions to prevent anaemia etc. This website also has interesting iron rich recipes that you can savour!

Dear Friends , Check Livogen (The number 1 Iron Supplement) is running an iron rich recipe making contest for all .If you have a unique Iron rich recipe, participate in the #livogenironchef contest and stand a chance to get featured in Femina, the leading women’s magazine, as a Celeb Chef. Top 3 will also win vouchers worth Rs. 20,000 and the next 7 will win vouchers worth Rs. 5,000. For more information check out  Iron Chef contest

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Land Rover launched 5th Generation Discovery

' My CAR is my First & Foremost LOVE. Nothing else matters as much as my CAR '. If that's you , then Land Rover Discovery is Above you.

' A car is a car is a car , an automobile which carries me from place a to place b '. If that's you then SORRY , Land Rover Discovery is Beyond you.

' My Car is my confidante , whenever I am sharing my adventurous lifestyle with Family & Friends alike '. If that's your Life-Line then Land Rover Discovery is your's forever .


·         A re-imagination of the classic Land Rover Discovery design for the 21st century
·          Full size seven-seat versatile premium SUV with Intelligent Seat Fold functionality
·         Ingenious use of interior space for clever stowage, uncompromised load space and full-sized spare wheel
·         Class leading capability with wading depth of 900 mm, approach angle of 34°, ramp angle of 27.5° and departure angle of 30°
·         State-of-the-art InControl Touch Pro with 25.4 cm (10) Touchscreen and 380 W Meridian audio system
·         Advanced driver aids like Terrain Response 2, Lane Keep Assist, Driver Condition Monitor and Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist and Park Assist
·         Two powertrain options - 3.0 l Diesel 190 kW & 3.0 l Petrol 250 kW

 Land Rover announced the launch of the 5th generation Discovery in India with prices starting from ₹ 71.38 Lakh (ex-showroom). Available in two powertrain options, the 3.0 l Diesel 190 kW & 3.0 l Petrol 250 kW, the All-New Discovery is Land Rover’s most versatile SUV yet, with class leading practicality and capability.  

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Rohit Suri, President and Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd. (JLRIL), said: “The All-New seven seat Discovery distinguishes itself from most of its competition on its design appeal, intelligent versatility, enabling technology and a host of capability related features. For example, apart from a class leading 900 mm wading depth capability to handle unexpected flood like situations or river crossings, the All-New Discovery is the only vehicle in its class to provide a full-size spare wheel, very important when it comes to those long distance holiday trips that most people like to take these days. In fact it is a perfect vehicle for people who love to explore and experience new places and terrains and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle with friends and family.

EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN APPEAL : The striking design of the All-New Discovery sets a new standard. It’s beautifully proportioned with a strong dynamic stance, while wrap-around LED lights and a fast windscreen angle help create a distinctively contemporary design and powerful character. The spacious interior is highly modern in design, delivering space for up to seven adults. Strong vertical and horizontal design lines combined with high quality materials and clever attention to detail lend the Discovery a sense of purpose. The interior feels light and airy, further enhanced by the fixed or front opening panoramic sunroof.
At the heart of the All-New Discovery is everyday ingenuity, a trait that can be found on every generation of the Discovery since the past 28 years of its existence – providing a specific functional reason for every design element and feature in the vehicle. The stepped roofline, a trademark design feature for the previous four generations, can also be found on the All-New Discovery as well. With the stepped roofline, the Discovery offers headroom for adults across all the three rows of seating. The stadium seating accommodation, with each row positioned higher than the one in front ensures that every seat is the best seat in the house.

INTELLIGENT VERSATILITY : The All-New Discovery’s intelligent versatility optimizes interior space. The world’s first Intelligent Seat Fold system enables configuring the seating arrangement from inside the vehicle, providing copious luggage space when required. Gesture Control allows opening of the main tailgate with the wave of the foot on either side of the vehicle. The dual-purpose powered Inner Tailgate retains loose items when raised and offers comfortable event seating that bears up to 300 kg when lowered. Inside, best-in-class storage solutions offer more capacity than ever before. Innovations include extra deep consoles that can store up to five mini-tablets and two-litre bottles in the arm rest storage with the chiller. There are also up to nine USB ports available, so all passengers can keep their devices charged.
Another first for Land Rover is the Activity Key. It’s a durable, waterproof wristband that locks and unlocks the vehicle allowing outdoor activities without carrying keys. Auto Access height uses the vehicle’s air suspension to help elegant entrance and exit, seamlessly lowering it ready for one to get in or out.
ENABLING TECHNOLOGY : The All-New Discovery has a range of advanced features to make every day driving easier. Park Assist makes parking easier than ever. While you control the speed, the vehicle steers itself through parallel and perpendicular parking manoeuvres and can also guide the vehicle out of the space.
The Drive Pro Pack consists of Lane Keep Assist that can detect lane drift and gently steer the vehicle back into the lane while Driver Condition Monitor detects when the driver shows signs of drowsiness, giving an early warning when one needs to take a break. Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist monitors the traffic ahead adjusting speed automatically to maintain a suitable distance from the vehicle in front, resuming the pre-set speed when the road is clear, while Queue Assist keeps a suitable distance when queuing in traffic, bringing the vehicle to a halt when necessary.
The surround camera system provides as 360° exterior view via the touchscreen providing greater confidence when manoeuvring the vehicle in confined situations.
For the first time on the Discovery, Terrain Response 2 is available as an option (standard on the First Edition) that automatically selects driving modes to achieve the best possible chassis and powertrain setup for the conditions. Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control and Gradient Release Control are also on offer with the All-New Discovery to enhance driver control in trying conditions.
UNMATCHED CAPABILITY : The All-New Discovery is the most capable Discovery ever. Permanent four-wheel drive comes with a choice of two intelligent systems; a single speed transfer box for optimal on-road conditions or a two-speed box for challenging conditions.
The vehicle’s off-road geometry is class leading. A best-in-class approach angle (34°), ramp angle (27.5°) and departure angle (30°) enable negotiation of the toughest of obstacles. All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) which is a state-of-the-art system enhances control over challenging surfaces while launch Control enables smooth pull-away on surfaces like wet grass, ice and sand and maintains a constant speed between 1.8 km/h and 30 km/h.

Land Rover Discovery Product Portfolio in India : The Land Rover range in India includes the Discovery Sport (starting at  42.00 Lakh), Range Rover Evoque (starting at 44.44 Lakh), the All-New Discovery (starting at 71.38 Lakh), Range Rover Sport (starting at 93.82 Lakh) and Range Rover (starting at 166.42 Lakh). All prices mentioned are ex-showroom prices in India. 
Land Rover Retailer Network in India : Land Rover vehicles are available in India through 25 authorized outlets in Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi, Karnal, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Raipur and Noida.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Linen Club Style Saturday with Nikita Rawlani

Celebrity Stylist Nikita Rawlani gave  tips and tricks to all the happy customers at Linen Club's'Style Saturday'




Style Saturday is all about getting styled in different shades of newly arrived fabrics by The Linen Club. 

Made To Order - An initiative by Linen Club for providing superior tailoring quality and quicker deliveries .This is done by standardizing the tailoring processes like measurements, cutting, sewing & finishing with high end trims.


The brand Linen Club is promoted by Jaya Shree Textiles. Linen Club has been the pioneer brand for linen fabrics in India with over 5 decades of experience. Today, with a presence in 151 exclusive brand outlets and over 5000+ multi brand outlets, Linen Club boasts of having the world’s largest retail chain in Linen. An accomplished in-house design team including internationally acclaimed Italian designers produce close to 1500 new fabric designs every month which are retailed across India .
Jayashree Textiles( Linen Club) was the first company to be authorized by CELC (European Confederation of Flax and Hemp) for using “European Flax” to communicate the genuinity of pure European Linen and it is also a “Corresponding Member” of CELC. The fabric range includes 10 to 120 lea super fine fabrics. All these have enriched the design value and have made Linen Club fabric the preferred choice of connoisseurs worldwide.

Jaya Shree Textiles: Linen Club is a division of Jaya Shree Textiles, a unit of Grasim Industries Ltd. which is part of the Aditya Birla Group a $41 billion corporation in the league of Fortune 500 and India’s largest fashion and Lifestyle player. Setting benchmarks in linen and wool, Jaya Shree Textiles have strived for excellence, matching international quality standards. 

Follow Linen Club for latest updates :

FB - LinenClub

Instagram - @thelinenclub

Twitter - @linenclub

COLORS Pinkathon Mumbai 2017 on December 17

Sixth Edition of COLORS Pinkathon to be held on Dec 17 at BKC

·         India’s biggest women’s run to have around 10000 plus women participating in the multi-category run
·         Huge response from corporate sponsors like Colors, Bajaj Electricals, TATA Salt Lite, VWash Plus, Reebok, Apollo Foundation, Red FM, Bisleri

Super model, actor, Ultraman and Pinkathon founder Milind Soman formally announced the launch of the Sixth Edition of COLORS Pinkathon Mumbai 2017 to be held on Sunday, December 17, 2017 at R2, MMRDA Grounds, BKC at a press conference held in Mumbai.

Pinkathon- Empowering Indian Women, India's biggest women’s run to encourage and promote fitness & health among women and create awareness for Breast Cancer, Bone health, Thyroid disorder and other issues relating to women’s health is supported by United Sisters Foundation and promoted by Maximus MICE & Media Solutions.

Online registrations for the multi-category run are open at www.pinkathon.in/mumbai for the VWashPlus3km, 5km & Tata Salt Lite10km run and for the 21km distance drop a mail on info@pinkathon.in.

COLORS Pinkathon in Mumbai has received huge response from corporate sponsors like Colors, Bajaj Electricals, TATA Salt Lite, VWash Plus, Reebok, Apollo Foundation, Red FM, Bisleri. Bajaj Electricals will be planting 1000 trees to commemorate the ‘Pinkathon going green’ in Mumbai.

Committed to encourage progress of women and move forward in life, India’s leading entertainment channel, COLORS has extended full partnership towards this cause by partaking in spreading the message of ‘wellbeing of women’ through this initiative.

Through the TATA Salt Lite 10 km run, Tata Salt Lite reinstates the importance of taking control of one’s own health and nurturing oneself. As a part of the brand’s association with COLORS Pinkathon, Active Living Partner Tata Salt Lite also launched its #GoActive Campaign through two digital films. The campaign inspires every woman, irrespective of her societal and financial status, to commit to an active lifestyle and take up running.

A crusader for women empowerment, Raj Nayak, COO – Viacom18 said, “Initiatives like Pinkathon are a great way to boost the confidence of women and strengthen the belief that women can do wonders! COLORS Pinkathon not only works for the wellbeing of women but also encourages meaningful participation of women in all aspects of life. COLORS has always lauded the contribution of women in a big way, be it at workplace or through the content it showcases. With such associations we envisage a better future for our women who nurture and shape us.”

Pinkathon founder Milind Soman said, “We are very excited to bring COLORS Pinkathon to Mumbai once again for the sixth time. We are confident the city and its people will support us and help make this run a humungous success. Pinkathon is more than a Marathon. It is the seed of change and the beginning of a movement that is carried forward by a growing community of empowered women across India, who share a belief that a healthy family, a healthy nation and a healthy world begins with empowered women, first step in empowerment is taking control of your own health, respecting yourself and understanding and celebrating the value you bring to your family and society. Empowerment is not a gift of society; it is a gift you give yourself.”

The fitness icon further added, “Fitness is liberating. If a culture of regular exercise and fitness must take root in India, our women need to become aware about the benefits of fitness. They need to be able to get out and run, which doesn't happen enough due to various cultural reasons. We now organize Pinkathon in eight cities. More than 8000 women run at each of these events at the VWashplus3km, 5km, Tata Salt Lite 10km and 21km distances. They run in running gear but also in sarees, salwarkameez, hijabs or whatever attire they deem fit and keeps them comfortable.”

As a precursor to the main day, the team is organising unique events such as the Cancer Shero Trek for the cancer survivors. Starting with a trek, this event felicitates the inspiring Cancer Survivors honouring them with an “I Inspire” medal. In COLORS Pinkathon Mumbai, 50 visually impaired girls would be participating in the different run categories. To prepare them for the main day, unique training sessions are designed with the help & coordination of sighted runners. COLORS Pinkathon Mumbai - Inspiring Partners Bajaj Electricals is organising special training runs in various parts of Mumbai for the registered participants who have requested training for the main day.

Fatema Shivanand Manthalkar, a 51 years visually impaired woman was announced as the mascot for the visually impaired squad who will be the running the VWashPlus 3km. 30 hearing impaired girls would be also participating in the VWashPlus 3km category. Sonali Patil, a Cancer Survivor, was announced as the mascot for the 5KM category run and Mallika Dua was announced mascot for Tata Salt Lite10 km.

As one-of-a-kind initiative, every single participant can choose to avail of a free gynaec consultation from Healthcare partner Apollo Foundation or a free Mammogram if the participant is above 45 years of age, the same is also transferrable.

Milind Soman also highlighted the concept of Pinkathon Ambassadors in every city who are passionate, extraordinary, committed men & women connecting for one cause – ‘health for every woman’. Each Pinkathon Ambassador is a part of the Pinkathon core team and registers all the women in their circle of influence. Pinkathon inspires everyone who believe that together, we can do more. Various initiatives are undertaken by the Pinkathon Ambassadors to connect with women across various strata of the society. ‘Pinkathon goes to School’ is another interesting concept to encourage Mother-daughter teams to run together. The idea is to encourage health & fitness at every age. There are over 300 Pinkathon ambassadors across cities working selflessly towards promotion the cause.

The focus of India’s biggest women’s only running event, is to encourage an active lifestyle and overall fitness amongst women, while creating a much needed awareness about breast cancer and bone health and encourage thousands of new or first-timer women to take up running. All proceeds raised from the event will be used for the expenses incurred in organizing and marketing the event, and by the Women's Cancer Initiative in its fight against breast cancer. The official website for COLORS Pinkathon is www.pinkathon.in through which participants can register online. Twitter Handle: @pinkathon10k

Present at the conference were eminent dignitaries like Raj Nayak, COO, Viacom 18, Reema Sanghavi (Co-Founder Pinkathon & MD - Maximus Mice & Media Solutions Pvt Ltd), Actress, Comedian and Writer Mallika Dua, Sagar Boke, Head - Marketing, Consumer Products Business, Tata Chemicals, Devieka Bhojwani (Vice President – Women’s Cancer Initiative), Dr. Shishir Shetty (Apollo Hospitals) and 101-year-old Mann Kaur, an Indian track – and – field athlete, she holds the world record in the over 100 years old categories along with three COLORS Pinkathon mascots who expressed their wholehearted support for the noble cause.

Pinkathon has won several national and international awards such as WOW Awards for Best Festival of the Year & Best Sports Event of the Year and EEMAX Global for Best Public Event of the Year for ticketed and non-ticketed category.

Maximus Mice & Media Solutions founded by Reema Sanghavi (Managing Director) &Milind Soman (Director) in 2008. Pinkathon – Empowering Indian Women, like all other Maximus is characterized with their trademark of effective brand communication & fiery enthusiasm. Maximus has been supporting the cause since its inception and working constantly to take it to greater heights. Both Reema and Milind feel very strongly for the cause and have worked diligently to make this a national entity that resonates with the women across India.

‘COLORS’ is Viacom18’s flagship brand in the entertainment space in India. A combination of ‘emotions’ and ‘variety’, COLORS, launched on 21st July 2008, offers an entire spectrum of emotions to its viewers. From Fiction Shows to Format shows to Reality shows to Blockbuster Movies – the basket contains all ‘JazbaatKe Rang’. ‘COLORS’ is dedicated to promoting ‘Cohesive viewing’, through programmes like Thapki…Pyaar Ki, Devanshi, SasuralSimarKa, Shakti…AstitvaKeEhsaasKii, Udann, ChakravartinAshokaSamrat, Swaragini, Kasam…TerePyaar Ki, Krishndasi, Kawach…KaaliShaktiyon Se, JhalakDikhhlaJaa, Comedy Nights BachaoTaaza, Nagin 2, Bigg Boss, 24, Shani and Dil Se…DilTak amongst others.

‘VIACOM 18’ Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's fastest growing entertainment networks and a house of iconic brands that offers multi-platform, multi-generational and multicultural brand experiences. A joint venture of Viacom Inc. and the Network18 Group, Viacom18 defines entertainment in India by touching people on air, online, on ground, in shop and through its cinema

Women’s Cancer Initiative – Tata Memorial Hospital (WCI-TMH) : Devieka Bhojwani started WCI-TMH in 2003, in partnership with Tata Memorial Hospital, and has been designed to take care of various issues related to cancers in womensuch as breast, cervical & ovarian cancers. The foundation has undertaken numerous initiatives to create awareness and emphasize the importance of early detection. It aids R&D on the causes and cures of the disease, as well as facilitates interaction between professionals through annual breast cancer conferences. The foundation also financially supports over 500 women annually who are unable to afford their treatment but have over an 80% chance of recovery.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ahimsa Festival Closing Ceremony

                                    Ahimsa Festival closes by touching many lives

 The second edition of The Ahimsa Festival came to a culmination at Khar Education Society in the city. The Ahimsa Festival is the first event across India, and perhaps the world, to be based on ahimsa or compassion. The festival ran for 18 days and created awareness about the power of compassion and inspired people towards making lifestyle changes towards health and animal cruelty-free choices.

Convener of the event Dr. Rupa Shah who–is part of the six-member Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group (APDG)–and has co-founded the annual Ahimsa Festival series stated, “The basic meaning of the word ‘ahimsa’ is–Do no injury, cause no harm. Ahimsa means non-violence, or to put it in a positive way–Compassion. Ahimsa is a universal concept that applies to all living beings, including all animals. All living beings have the spark of the divine spiritual energy; therefore, to hurt another being is to hurt oneself. The primary aspect of ahimsa is towards oneself–in particular towards one’s health. With the super-success that we enjoyed this year, we are all set to work harder for making it
bigger and better next year.” The Ahimsa festival incorporates this principle into the festival that features a series of events that highlight the same value.

Monica Chopra, Curator of Fashion Show & Founder Of Eco Trunk said, “Being a fashion designer, one understands the excitement of a beautiful look put together but what's the point if it comes from pain and unhappiness? We, at The Eco Trunk, feel very passionately about animal rights and the environment and have put together a show highlighting organic, cruelty-free, sustainable materials that glide just as beautifully over the body. Makeup that we will use is cruelty-free and vegan that looks just as sparkling.” Monica featured organic and sustainable clothing
range like organic cotton and hemp (daily wear, gowns, and traditional/ethnic wear); many of the famous models who showcased the designs were vegans. The make-up was done with brands that are free from animal products/ animal testing. The bags and wallets, featured in the show were upcycled and made from tyre tubes, and the luxurious ones made from cork materials. The Jewelry too was upcycled from a sari and made by the slum women in Mumbai.


The closing day had talks on raw food, spirituality, and live vegan cooking demos by chefs throughout the day. Prominent names like C.A. & Author Atul Shah, Vegan Restaurateur Harsish Shetty, Vegan Traveller Shivya Nath, etc. Sunanda Parthasarthy the daughter and disciple of Swami Parthasarathy enthralled people with her talk on how spirituality is not a retirement plan and compassion is at the core of every religion. At the closing ceremony, there were more than 20 pop-up food stalls, organic stalls, farmer’s market and a huge display of cruelty-free lifestyle products. There was a live music show by Flying Carpet Entertainment.

The show-stopper for the fashion show Ms. Pooja Bimrah Miss World Heritage 2015 & Miss Supermodel 2017 India said; “This is a unique fashion show that showcased products that are not only beautiful on the outside but also are made with processes and materials that have not caused trouble to any soul. They have not used materials like wool, leather, and cosmetics which are tested on animals. I really feel that there should be an increasing awareness about this and everyone should only use cruelty-free products.”

The festival which was inaugurated by Amruta Devendra Fadnavis and Dr. Will Tuttle - author of the international best-seller ‘The World Peace Diet’ along with Dr. Nandita Shah founder of Sharan and the recipient of the prestigious Nari Shakti Award 2016 the highest award for women in India; saw more than 100 satellite events taking place across the city ranging from film workshops, talks, webinars and seminars to treks with Kuntal Joisher – the first vegan to conquer Mount Everest, a run, and cyclothon, and potlucks–to spark curiosity and awareness about Ahimsa, Veganism and compassionate lifestyle across the city. The festival has touched the lives of more than twenty thousand people across the city.

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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group : The Ahimsa Festival is an annual festival founded by like-minded individuals with an aim to spreading the fragrance of peace and love through simple lifestyle choices. The Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group (APDG) was founded in 2015 to create awareness about the principles of ahimsa in everyday life. The group comprises six members who are leading professionals in their field of work, and have come together with the single vision of practicing and preaching non-violence in thought, deed and action. They are living examples of “ahimsaks” who are successfully practicing the Ahimsa way of living for many years. Atul Doshi is a CA and an Honorary Director in an online company providing free education content across the globe, Atul Doshi has also penned a booklet titled, ‘We Vegetarian (?) People’ in English and Hindi.
Saroj Choudhary is one of the earliest advocators of vegan and wfpd (whole foods and plant-based diet) lifestyle in Mumbai.
Dr Rupa Shah is a Healer, Author, Speaker and Founder of circleohealth.
Pradeep Shah, an Electronics Engineer, who is a practicing ‘Nature’s Diet System’ for three years.
Reyna Rupani: The head of SHARAN-Mumbai, an NGO which advocates food as medicine. She conducts SHARAN workshops and helps in spreading awareness about the power of natural food in the world.
Ruchika Chitrabhanu: Her close association with leading saints further strengthened her belief that
compassion is the basis of all religions. She has been a vegan for the last 10 years.