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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Managed SD-WAN service by Netmagic & Nuage Networks

NTT Com India–Netmagic partners with Nuage Networks, the Nokia venture focused on Software Defined Networks (SDN), to enhance its Network as a Service (NaaS) portfolio based on its innovative Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution. This enables enterprises to automatically route and optimise network traffic and gain visibility of applications performance without spending more on bandwidth.

The partnership with Nuage Networks ( Nokia ) underlines Netmagic ( NTT Com India ) as a front runner in providing innovative SD-WAN solutions in India.

NTT Com India–Netmagic will deploy Nuage’s Virtualized Network Services (VNS) solution at their data centers across the country. Once deployed, NTT Com India–Netmagic’s enterprise customers will experience increased agility and flexibility through automation and will be able to maximize the advantages of cloud.  The deployment will also enable NTT Com India–Netmagic to offer advanced security services.

SD-WAN  enables the broader goal of enterprises connecting users to applications in a cost-efficient WAN topology. It is independent of the type of network – wireless, wireline networks or the  public internet – or, whether the applications are hosted in data centers or on public clouds. This will also help enterprises’ branch offices to route traffic to the internet where a more expensive MPLS line is not necessary.

Sunil Khandekar, Nuage Networks CEO and Founder, - “We are excited to partner with NTT Com India–Netmagic to enable businesses with the benefits of automation, agility and operational simplicity. It is a testimony to our innovative product that NTT Com India–Netmagic chose our solution after a long and exhaustive selection process. NTT Com India– Netmagic will be able to attract new customers who are looking to move from MPLS to SD-WAN alternatives, with a differentiated set of on-demand network and value-added services.” 

NTT Com India–Netmagic SD-WAN solution solves the existing networking challenges of enterprises by enabling them to use the most feature-rich, easy-to-use and cost-effective form of connectivity.  This will establish the Company as a pioneer in SD-WAN technology in India that provides next-generation Hybrid Network solutions to global and Indian enterprises with a significant value-addition.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

French Charmer Enchanteur with Exclusive Discount

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Mein saans leta hoon , teri khushboo aati hain!
Ek mehka mehka sa , paigam lati hain!

Yes, that's Enchanteur : Enchanting , enthralling , enticing ,bewitching , captivating , fascinating  magician ... for you , I and all romantic peeps around the world in general and Indians in particular.
Why ?  Hold your breath. Here's the good, better, best news for all of us, who deserve the most authentic essence of life.

World-famous perfume brand Enchanteur is spreading the splendor of Love & Romance through it's top notch beauty products is now available in India

Enjoy the premier luxuries of life with mesmerizing, romantic, French fragrances and beauty products from Enchanteur like Perfumes , Body-mists , Body lotions , Deodorants , Shower gels , Talc etc. at discounted rates.


Enchanteur recently launched 2 new fragrances in EDTs: Belle Amour and Mon Amie. These Fragrances are a wonderful blend of florals and sweetness of fruits. They are easy to carry, travel packaging. Both are priced at Rs. 750 for 50ml

Enchanteur premium perfume in its star-studded boxes make for a glitzy gift. Enchanteur ensures to make season specific gift packs. You can choose whatever you wish from their website Enchanteur  and avail of an exclusive discount of 20% using the coupon code  SUJATA


Each and every moment of our precious life is engulfed with the magical memories of our near & dear ones. The first impression, your signature style that impacts instantly and lingers forever. How to enhance that alluring art of Love & Style?. What is the essence of empowerment?. How to posses the positive power and feel fantastic? Worry not , you can be yourself , influence people , win friends , and find true love with Enchanteur perfumes. 

Feel the spark of young romance, with Belle Amour perfume by Enchanteur ParisThe essence of being young and in love has been captured in Belle Amour perfume by Enchanteur Paris.  This sweet and fruity fragrance has notes of apple , blackcurrants and melon. To give it a feminine touch , they have infused these aromas with roses , Jasmines and Muguets. Give it a try and feel the demure blush of romance settle on you, making you feel young, feminine and alive.  Wish to gift this to someone you love ? It's just perfect for the young woman in your life.


Enchanteur, a perfume brand of global repute, has a heritage of 30 years, and is available in over 50 countries. These perfumes are created using classic French techniques. It is their endeavour to make this product more accessible to women across India. They have Authentic French Perfumes in all their products. Enchanteur is famous for being the brand of Romance so it is essentially preferred by men for gifting to their beloved women.

Are you still wondering why Enchanteur ? Well here you go : 100% Original products , Shipping within 24 hrs. , Safe & Secured payment gateway , Accepting orders 24/7 . Enchanteur  have now started selling online on their website + on Amazon and Nykaa as well. What's more?. You can choose whatever you wish from their website Enchanteur and avail of an exclusive discount of 20% using the coupon code  SUJATA


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fresh, Fragrant, Faster Tiger for Tech savvy Indians

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How we wish to feel Fresh , Fragrant and Fantastic forever like these flowers!
In this Digital, High-Tech era, every nano-second counts and how!
Zamana Hain Tez , so we have to be Faster to keep up with the World, with our Global counterparts all the while. Easier said than practiced.


Since early morning till late night and all the time in between, we constantly need to be connected , to be available on social media platforms. The laptops , TVs,  the tabs , and the mobiles are making us immobile. What an irony! 

We have become couch potatoes, sitting at a desk all day, slouching, craning our necks, peeping into our tech-gadgets. Generally perishing our postures and gaining back-pain. To ease the pain we swallow painkillers and use heating pads for temporary relief. The main culprits are our bad habits, our wrong postures and our overall lazy lifestyles . Although we are advancing intelligently, progressing brain-wise, we are regressing physically.

Enough of these depressing things, here's the good news : Tiger Balm Neck &  Shoulder Rub Ayurvedic Massage-On-the-Go for Tech-Savvy Consumers launched in India recently. Singapore based Haw Par Corporation unveiled an innovation from the Tiger Balm family - Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub. Indian Students, Tech gadget-users, working professionals, as well as elders with sedentary lifestyles won't have to suffer due to tech and posture related neck and shoulder pains. 

Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub, with a calming lavender fragrance that provides non-greasy, fast acting relief targeting neck and shoulder pains, already available in countries like the USA and Singapore was launched today by Mr. A K Han, Executive Director of Haw Par Corporation and Mr. Mukesh Tiwary, Senior VP - Mktg. & Sales - Alkem Healthcare.

According to Forrester, India’s billion plus mobile phone subscriber base is set to keep pace with the world’s mobile phone penetration of 70% by 2022. Many jobs require professionals spending long hours on their computers and mobile devices. All these factors have brought about an “epidemic” of tech-related ailments such as text neck, gamer neck and iPosture.

Just Tiger is not enough , We must discipline ourselves by 1. Keeping our heads up to look at things to avoid strain on our necks and backs. Let's bring things up to eye level. 2. Let's Straighten our shoulders 3.  Let's stop slouching , Let's pull ourselves up. Standing and sitting correctly must feel good. 4. Pull chest up. While slouching, our chest is pulled in, and our bellies stick out. This contributes to the acid reflux and breathing problems,

Tiger Balm is one of the world’s leading brands in providing quality products for external pain relief. Made with a unique Tiger Balm formulation, Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub addresses the lifestyle needs of heavy tech users, providing fast and effective relief and relaxes the muscles around the neck and shoulder area when applied. The formulation is Ayurvedic and offers an alternative herbal solution for restoring holistic balance to a hectic lifestyle.
Non-greasy cream with a lavender fragrance In handy, convenient tube: Already popular with consumers in many other countries The Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub balm is available across leading pharmacies, supermarkets and popular online portals like Net Med, Amazon, 1 mg.com. Priced at Rs.99 for 30 gm & at Rs.149 for 50 gm.

Monday, February 12, 2018

K Factor spells success for KYC Events

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Alphabet  ' K '  is the 'Shubh Aarambh' ( auspicious start ) for KYC Events. It is bound to bring bountiful of success to Mr. Anil Kumar and his Event management company. Remember Ekta Kapoor and her popular K-serials , movies , which made her famous. Even Amitabh Bachchan  reached the zenith of his career with ' Kaun Banega Crorepati ' . What's more, the charming diva, actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra , who inaugurated 'KYC Events ' also flaunts the lucky 'K' in her surname. Last but not the least is the office, situated in ' Kanakia Wall street '.


Sunday, turned out to be really a fun day, as the ravishing Actress Shilpa Shetty inaugurated 'KYC Event’s new venture in Kanakia Wall street , Andheri.
KYC, the king of wedding planners, are currently the fastest growing company They achieved another great milestone today by launching their new headquarters.


KYC Events, the company founded by Mr. Anil Kumar takes up the duty of planning, designing and managing exceptional celebrations from small intimate gatherings to large and lavish affairs, has added a glitz of glamour to it, as their new office was inaugurated by the gorgeous diva Shilpa Shetty.

Living up to the promise of making every occasion a unique and memorable affair, the mega inauguration was also a reflection of the company’s ideology. The extravagant affair was commenced by the launch of the new office by the Chief Guest Shilpa Shetty along with the MD of the Company Mr. Anil Kumar.

The celebrations were then taken ahead by a brief interaction with the media which soon was converted in to a fun interaction thereby notching up its entertainment quotient. The event concluded on a sweet note as the stunning chief guest Shilpa Shetty clicked some adorable selfies with the employees of KYC who were overwhelmed with her presence.

Talking about adding another feather of achievement to his cap, Mr. Anil Kumar said “The company aims at building the dreams of our clients, along with building everlasting relationships with them because they trust us with their big day and we immensely value the same. We make sure that the weddings and parties are memorable and filled with magical experiences, perfectly planned and beautifully executed.


Adding a cherry on the cake with the presence of our esteemed Chief Guest ‘Shilpa Shetty’ Mr Anil Kumar added to his delight “Shilpa Shetty is one of the most renowned celebrities in the glamour field and the aroma that she creates with her presence has enlightened the look and feel of the entire inaugural ceremony. The unimaginable experience that my guests have received just by her presence and her speech is one of its kind and irreplaceable. Me and my team are delighted to have her present here at the most important day in the history of KYC Events.”

Commenting further on it, actress Shilpa Shetty said “ I am super excited to be there for KYC’s grand opening ceremony as KYC events is INDIA’s finest wedding planning company and I’m going to be attending the grand opening of KYC Events. It is a great delight for me to be a part of such a fabulous company and I am sure that the level of perfection that this company has in terms of their  relationships with their guests, with the people who have been a part of KYC events can never be matched to any extent. I feel happy and honoured to inaugurate such a reputed organisation and the stature level that they have carried along in their entire journey till here, and I am sure this is just a beginning and if the beginning is this huge, Lets try imagining what is coming ahead. I am really excited and looking forward”

Aami Goyenkar Goa Festival at Dadar

                                             Goa fest was literally a crowd puller 

The two day long “Eighth Goa festival organised by “Aami Goyenkar”, at Dr. Antonio da Silva Technical High School at Dadar in Central Mumbai was concluded with over 20,000 people attending grand finale on Sunday.

On the occasion, a veteran dramatist Arvind Pilgaonkar was felicitated with “Life Time Achievement Award’.Replying to felicitation, he said that he could essay various roles in plays/dramas, since he never severed his ties with music. I received excellent guidance from my superiors and I accepted all type of roles, instead of being choosy. He advised youngsters to study deep, instead of collecting information only from the Internet. Pilganokar also lauded efforts by “Aami Goyenkar”, in organising the fest to encourage and make available market to artists/artisans.

In his speech, “Aami Goyenkar” Secretary Sanjay Hegde said that it was a misconception that Goa food means drinks and non-vegetarian food. In fact compared to non-vegetarian food, there are more food delicacies of vegetarian food. Such festival will be organised also outside Mumbai, where Goan people reside so that they would be able to interact with artists, artisans and others, he added.

The festival was made up of over 50 stalls set up at strategic places around the grounds. The chefs used their considerable talent and expertise to best showcase the best of the Goan culinary delights. The festival offered mouth watering delicacies, including fish cuisines and other culinary flavours.  
The food ranged from the down-to-earth cooking to the sublime heights of haute cuisine a flavourful fusion of Goan and Western cooking. The delicacies were not restricted to savoury and spicy dishes but ranged over sweet meats and desserts as well. The festival tempted even the most finicky of palates, titillating their taste buds. Besides food, there were also stalls displaying handicrafts, household articles and artistic work etc.

There was also an exciting line up of events. They included an elocution contest in Konkani and other events like “Gajali”(chatting), “Udags” (memory) related to Konkani literature, healthy child contest, cookery contest, talent hunt, debates, musical and entertainment programs. These events undoubtedly turned to be a fan favourite.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Future of Kindergartens, evaluation at Annual International Conference

Early Childhood Association (ECA) demands " one nation one policy" from the Govt.

Social activist Shabana Azmi believes that ‘children’s issues must not remain invisible and unrecognised.’  She inaugurated the Early Childhood Association (ECA) conference, to underline issues facing India’s children- and therefore the ecosystem of Early Childhood Care & Education in India. 

Azmi  along with Dr. Swati Popat Vats, President of ECA Dr.Reeta Sonawat, Executive Director of ECA, Dr.Kamini Rege, Treasurer of ECA,  Asha Varma Secretary of ECA and Rekha Shahani, Joint Secretary of ECA, launched the following;-

1. The Early Childhood Association Comprehensive Quality Audit tool for Preschools/ Kindergartens / ECE centres.

2. Teacher Training Module for Early Childhood Care and Education

3. Early Childhood Education Teacher Training Enrichment App

Shabana Azmi said, " I grew up in a humble background, and my mother and father both worked hard. Once when I got a zero, in my report card, my mother said, ‘she's not dumb, she's protesting.’ How many parents listen to their children today- like mine did? I run a school in Mizwan, Azamgadh. I have seen that we need to teach our children, compassion, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and the ability to work with people around them."

Dr Swati Popat Vats said, " The government should have "one nation one policy" for curriculum, age of entry, teacher training and assessment for early years. I humbly request Shabana Azmiji to represent us to the powers that be."

Key discussions - by the National Committee of The ECA and over 600 participants .

1 Schools from grade one have a board affiliation (though the boards in India affiliate only from grade 7 or 8) but the preschool is without any affiliation except in the case of IB (International Baccalaureate) that affiliates from Nursery onwards.

2 So with no affiliations or accreditations in place how can one be sure of quality of curriculum or safety or other developmentally appropriate standards that affect the development of young children? Can we have affiliation board/s for Early Childhood Education.

3 We have a well drafted Early Childhood Policy and Curriculum by the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development? Our problem is that one ministry at the state level does not handle education. Early childhood care is handled by WCD but early childhood education is not looked into by anyone at the state level!

4 This leaves no choice-  so preschools have to make their own curriculum or become ‘preparatory centers’ for first standard . Toddlers as young as two years are made to hold pencils and go over dotted lines in worksheets. Three year olds are made to recite rhymes in front of a class and then graded and marked on their ‘performance’. Children are taught number 1 and then number 7, skipping the rest in between because standing line numbers should be taught together! Completely overlooking the fact that letters need not be taught in the A to Z format but numbers need to be taught in the order of counting or else children will not have a foundation base of what number comes before, after etc. This is the confused state of preschool curriculum.

5 If you ask the preschools they blame it on parents, it’s the parents that want their child to read and write at an early age. 

6 Having an affiliation board for preschools in our country would be a logical solution that would benefit all three stakeholders- children, parents and preschools. The government can still license the schools or take care of the NOC requirements but the curriculum, philosophy and other important aspects can be done by the affiliation/accreditation board of ECE

7 So what would be the parameters of this affiliation of ECE centers? Globally the largest association that affiliates most of the preschools in USA is naeyc.org (National Association for the Education of Young Children). 

Early Childhood Association (www.eca-india.org) now  has a quality audit tool and has quality audited more than 400 private preschools in India, so definitely they can take it up on a larger scale. An updated version was launched at the conference today.  (attached)

Several awards were given at the Early Childhood Association recognizing the exemplary contributions of personalities doing exceptional work in the field of early childhood education whether it is safety, inclusive education or overall contribution. 

1 Felicitating the author - Ms Neeha Gupta- youth ambassador Kailash Satyarthi Childrens Foundation.

2 Most Committed NGO in Early Childhood Education -  CANKIDS, Childs rights foundation, Life Trust.

3 Most Committed journalist in Early Childhood Care and Education-  Ms Vinaya Patil - Sakal News - Pune and Ms Jhinuk Mazumdar - The Telegraph - Kolkatta 

4 Exemplary contribution in  Early Childhood Care and Education - Ms Zarin Malva and Ms Lina Ashar 

5 Exemplary contribution towards Safety in Early years- IPS Ms Aparajita Rai and Betterplace 

6 Most committed CDPO - Preeti Ben ( Bhavnagar) 

7 Most committed supervisor from ICDS - Laxmi Bai ( Telangana) 

The Early Childhood Association ( ECA ) is set up with the vision that all the preschools, balwadis, N.G.O's, children's activity classes, parents, student teachers, media houses, companies that deal with children's products, in short everyone connected to young children can all come together to advocate, discuss and bring about a change in the quality of care, development and learning in early childhood in India.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hot & Happening ,advanced selfie smartphone, Infinix HOT S3

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What's Hot and what's not ?.  Who decides that ?. Well, the Millennials are the Real players , actually the Game changers , when it comes to decision making. Right from What to Eat , Where to Eat ... to Which Brand to flaunt and at What cost ?, all decisions are dictated by the young ones.

The younger , the smarter and up to date with latest inventions, our kids are omniscient. They crave for better , new , improved versions of all tech gadgets. Every day is a new adventure with faster, superior  and economical smart phone. Taking this into consideration Infinix launched HOT S3.

Value for Money : Infinix Mobile launched #HOTS3 , advanced selfie smartphone , the #GameChanger under 12 K segment . 

HOT S3, Looks Good, Clicks Better selfies ( 20 MP low-light selfie camera with dual soft light flash & Full View Selfie mode ) and it's ROI's the Best.

HOT S3's Battery life is Excellent ( 4000 mAh ). 81% Screen to Body ratio for complete access to 5.65" screen. Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Octa-core Processor . Latest Android Oreo operating system and customized XOS 3.0 user interface. Dual SIM smartphone with dedicated micro SD card slot. Fingerprint scanner. Colors : sandstone Black , Brush Gold . HOT S3 from Infinix Mobile available on Flipkart from 12th February. 4 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM at INR 10,999/-

With the launch of HOT S3, Infinix brings in its fourth global product series ‘HOT S’ to India. It is designed in 2 variants viz. 3GB+32GB, which is priced at Rs 8,999 and 4GB+64GB storage, priced at Rs 10,999. Underpinning its USP, the HOT S3 is the first smartphone that sports the Full View display with 20 MP Selfie camera with a capability to take great selfies even in low light.

Adding a unique flavor to the launch event, INFINIX invited some of the Key players of Mumbai City Football Club to co-celebrate the launch. INFINIX is the Official Smartphone partner of Mumbai City FC in the current season of the Hero Indian Super league, which is a key part of Infinix’s vision to connect stronger with its young fans in India.
Infinix entered India in August 2017 with Note 4 and Hot Pro 4 & later launched its flagship Zero5, to strengthen its premium portfolio. All the products have been very well received by the consumers and response has been great in terms of feedback.
Mr. Anish Kapoor, CEO, Infinix India, said, “India is an extremely significant market for Infinix and HOT S3 is getting launched in ‘India first’ before getting launched in other markets. With 40% Indian population below 20 years of age , to this younger generation social media is a broadcasting tool to express themselves through selfies, “HOT S3” is made for them. We believe that the youth demands for a device that represents them and syncs well with their youthful and fashionable personality and Infinix Hot S3 resonates well with these demands with its brand persona “Express Yourself”. HOT S3 would be a vital cog in the wheel bolstering Infinix’s India growth story and we look forward to Indian market contributing to a significant share of our global business this financial year.”