Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Why this CODECHEF ?

I was supposed to be @CodeChef -  @DirectiPlex - Andheri ( East ) for the launch of " CodeChef for schools " at 2.30 p.m. ... but . It was 2.30 p.m. and I was stuck up @Home-sweet home.The Computer engineer had come to install the SOFTWARE in my new laptop , which came loaded only with DOS. " DOS " ? what is that ? my 11 year old nephew Aamen asked . How I wished that ...the Desktops , Laptops , iPads etc. come loaded with at least some basic SOFTWARE by default.... as in Instant ready-to-eat. Imagine buying the Desktop / Laptop off the counter , unpacking the Eco-friendly box , switching on and ... voila .. it's ready-to-Eat , I mean Operate . 

In the near future , I am sure when my nephew masters Programming / Coding  , he will be able to do just that " Ready-to-Operate Computers " . How's that possible ? Well that's where the " CodeChef for Schools " comes in the picture .

The ACM- ICPC ( Inter Collegiate Programming Contest ) world finalist from India believe that if there was a culture of Indian school students taking part at the IOI ( International Olympiad in Informatics ) , they would be exposed to programming for a longer duration and eventually their ICPC performance will also improve and bring India to the top. The evident solution to the problem at hand is to make it easier for students to start coding at a young age.

CodeChef for schools , the new initiative , aims to make it easier for students to start coding at school-level .
As a part of " Go for Gold Program ( schools ) "  CodeChef wants Indian students to win Gold Medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics . CodeChef will be providing ongoing scholarships , incentives , promotions , tech. assistance and training for Indian students.

The CodeChef Meetup session started with Q & A session , followed by speeches of Mr. Kunal Shah , Mr. Gaurav Munjal , Prof. Madhavan of the IARCS  , Video-conferencing with Mr. Bavin Turakhia - CEO .
This informative session ended with fantastic Maths-Quiz anchored by Mr. Shilp . Most of the participants / winners were either IIT or VJTI students , who enjoyed this part of the session the  most . 

I left at 6 p.m. . Next day when I checked the FB page of CodeChef , I was surprised to see the video link of Harlem shake. I wish I could have shoot that flash mob , and shared with u all. Better luck next time.

P.S. : The CodeChef do take it's title seriously. There were lots of assorted cold-drink-tins ( Cappuccino for me ) and delicious Samosaz delivered around by the uniformed waiters.

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