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Friday, September 5, 2014

Hot n Happening Baby-sitter

Hot and Happening Baby-sitter

Hot as in Hawt and Happening as much as Breaking News on Aaj Tak .... 
Boss , Dekhate Rahiye ...

So ? Who's this mysterious Baby-sitter ? Any Justin Bieber connection ? 

Well you have , couple of them , in your Living room and bed room. 

No prizes for guessing. I am talking err... writing about TV . 

The charming , Kareena Kapoor look-alike hostess of  TVNXT2014  -  AFAQS  , aptly described the TV as the bestest baby sitter. She should know , she has a 4 year old child hooked on to Chhota Bheem , Motu-Patlu, Doraemon and assorted toons .

Gone are the days of weekly Chhayageet ,Chitrahaar and Hindi Movies. 

Doordarshan , the only channel available to Indian viewers , telecast very few programs , that too only in the evenings. 
It was the case of " Short and Sweet ... packs the punch "

                     And now ... everything is Fast and Furious ... happens 24*7 !

" The world's second largest TV market is going through cataclysmic changes.
 The twin forces of consolidation and digitization are playing havoc with the way the Rs 42,000 crore TV industry that reaches 800 million Indians, has done business so far. 
Digitisation is forcing it to rid itself of structural chaos while consolidation has meant that more 70 per cent of all TV viewing is now controlled by five large networks.
The biggest change however is the rise of online video. At 100 million users and counting, online video presents both, the biggest opportunity and threat for the TV business in India.
 What is it doing to television programming, distribution, pricing and marketing?
 How is social media changing the way broadcasters react to viewers and the way viewers react to shows? 
These are just some of the issues that the fourth edition of India's biggest event on the business of television will focus on. Join us then at TV.NXT 2014 to hear and discuss what the future holds for Indian television. "

When I read this on the AFAQS's Facebook page - Events category. I wanted to attend this Mega-event at any cost, which happened to be Rs. 8000/- per person for 2 days , 4-5 September, 2014 at Novotel , Juhu Beach.

As you can very well imagine, by my earlier blog-post, I attended this prestigious, one of a kind event as a special invitee by winning the pass in a Twitter / Facebook contest organized by  AFAQS. #TVNXT2014  twitter contest created such a frenzy among the tweeples that #TVNXT2014 was trending since the 3rd week of August.

"Thank You for participating in TV.NXT Contest !!!

It gives us immense pleasure in informing you that you are amongst the Top-15 participants shortlisted by the judges. Now join us at the event to know the final winner. "

I received this e-invite 2 days prior to #TVNXT2014 and kept my fingers crossed for the jackpot , an exclusive Pierre Cardin wristwatch to be declared at the event.

Hold your breath , to know the final winner and till then enjoy the pic of that prize watch.

Over to Novotel , Juhu Beach now , for the Hot n happening #TVNXT2014 ... Here it goes ... or as the hostess said " Get ... set ... PO "


  1. Threat for TV, well in my opinion it is very real. but what if your PC becomes your tv and cable/dish is through fibre optics. Everything changes. Now everyone is geared up for this except the networks themselves. So I would say all the best for them.
    Hmm... today is 10. come out with the suspense.

    1. Yes Amsang , you nailed it. That was core point of discussion - PC , tablets , mobiles have become the preferred gadgets to view tv programs without the ads . Then how to earn the revenue / profit ?
      Huh ? What suspense , you wrote about ?

    2. suspense, were you the final winner

    3. Yes Amod. I won that exclusive Pierre Cardin wrist watch.
      Right now it's waiting in Aai's tijori , to adorn the wrist of my nephew Aamen

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